Ranked: 10 Best One Punch Man Episodes (Update 2023)

In the world of anime, Saitama is a really popular name. Popularly Known as "One

Mayur Dudharejiya 8k Views

Top 20 Best Uncensored Anime of All Time (Updated 2023)

Creative freedom is an aspect that makes anime so unique and appealing. Many anime series

Mayur Dudharejiya 36k Views

20 Best BL Anime All Time (Boys Love) – Updated 2023

Anime has expanded to cover a wide range of genres, just like other forms of

Mayur Dudharejiya 32.3k Views

Ranked: Chainsaw Man: 10 Most Powerful Devils (Update 2023)

Chainsaw Man's world is this crazy mix of beauty, confusion, and terror, with all these

Anshumaan Gupta 37.9k Views

20 Strongest Demon Slayer Characters (Ranked) 2023

When it comes to the best new-gen animes, you can’t forget Demon Slayer. The series

Mayur Dudharejiya 13.6k Views

All Indian Anime characters (Inspired by India’s Culture/Origin)

Japan and India share numerous cultural similarities dating back to ancient times. These two cultures

Mayur Dudharejiya 48.1k Views

20 Best Chinese Anime to Watch Right Now (Updated 2023)

Japan may have been the birthplace of anime, but that doesn't mean all the good

Mayur Dudharejiya 71.8k Views

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Eleceed (Updated 2023)

In recent years, webtoons have gained popularity as visual novels, similar to manga and manhwa.

Mayur Dudharejiya 31.5k Views

Types of Anime: All the Genres Explained with Examples

Anime isn't a genre itself, but it's made up of different settings aimed at specific

Mayur Dudharejiya 53.1k Views

When does Gear 5 get animated in One Piece?

Throughout all One Piece episodes, fans have used power scaling to determine a character's strength.

Mayur Dudharejiya 25.7k Views

Best 9Anime Alternatives sites in 2023

Anime fans have a go-to streaming site called 9Anime, and it is seriously good! They

Mayur Dudharejiya 38k Views

One Piece Filler List: Every Filler Arc You Can Skip (Update 2023)

One Piece is one of the longest-running anime shows on air right now. It's based

Mayur Dudharejiya 36.2k Views

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