Kreo Beluga review

Kreo Beluga Review, Best Gaming Headset Under 3000?

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We regularly update the list of the best gaming headphones on our website. Whenever we spot a good option in the market, we try it, and if it turns out to be good, we rank it in our list according to a comparison.

Recently, We came across a pair of gaming headphones — the Kreo Baluga- part of Amazon’s best-selling catalogue and had good customer reviews. So, we needed to try them and find out how good this budget-friendly headset from the Indian brand Kreo was. Here’s our full review of the Kreo Beluga gaming headset.

Attention, please – We are testing the USB variant of these headphones, but there is also a variant available with a 3.5mm audio port. So, if you’re looking for something versatile for multiple uses, you might want to consider buying that version. The USB variant offers the option of 7.1 surround sound, but we all know how effective that is in headphones.

Kreo Beluga

2,999 Rs2,599-2,799 Rs
4.1 out of 5
Design4 out of 5
Build4.2 out of 5
Comfort4 out of 5
Sound Quality3.8 out of 5
Gaming Experience4.1 out of 5
Value for money4.2 out of 5
LikeGood Design & BuildSuper Comfy CushionsGood BassDecent MicrophoneValue For Money
Don’t LikeLittle Bit Bulky

Kreo Beluga Specs

TypeOver-ear design
Support devicesPC, PS4, PS5, Xbox
InterfaceUSB A
Driver Size50mm
RGB/LEDSingle Color LED
Software Support3d party EQ App
Headset Sensitivity–
Speaker Impedance–

Box Content

  • Gaming Headsets
  • Paperwork
Kreo Beluga box content

Design & Build

The first thing I like about the Kreo Beluga is their design and build quality. It looks very stylish and gives a premium vibe. The combination of black and peri colour makes them look cool. Well, I’m not sure if peri, purple colour, or something else, but it looks good overall.

Kreo Beluga design

The Kreo Beluga also feature an LED light, which adds to their appeal, making them look even better. It has only a single-colour LED light, which is to be expected at this price point. We can’t really anticipate having RGB. And I think a single-colour LED often looks better than a multicolour, anyway. The lighting is quite minimal, so don’t worry; it doesn’t give off a cheap feeling. And If you don’t want the light on, an in-line remote allows you to turn it off.

Kreo Beluga review

I have a small complaint about the design: only one colour variant is available. I think there should have been more colour options available. I wish there were choices like white or green as well.

The build quality of the Kreo Beluga is also good, it feels strong and durable. It’s quite impressive, especially for this price range. It’s quite rare to find such build quality in this price segment. Until now, in this price range, I found the build of the Eksa E900 Pro and the HyperX Stinger 2 to be the best, but now this gaming headphone adds another name to that list. In fact, you might even say it has a slightly better build than those. The entire headphone is made up of plastic, and the headband and the height adjustment strap are made of metal.

Kreo Beluga build


In terms of comfort, the Kreo Beluga doesn’t disappoint. The credit for the comfort goes to the soft, fluffy ear cup cushions. They are quite soft, plus they’ve included extra cooling gel foam, which makes wearing these gaming headsets very comfortable for long periods. This prevents problems like sweaty ears or a feeling of heat on the ears. Most gamers these days prefer cushions with cooling gel, especially considering the Indian weather where it becomes even more recommended.

Kreo Beluga comfort

It’s great that Kreo has included this feature right out of the box because usually, most brands don’t give it priority, and you often have to buy it separately in the aftermarket.

I continuously used these headphones for about 2-3 hours last night and found them quite comfortable. It can easily be worn for longer periods without any discomfort. There’s a good amount of cushioning on the headband, too, so there’s no feeling of pressure on the head.

Kreo Beluga comfort

They offer a rather tight and secure fit, but because of the soft ear cushions, there’s no pressure on the ears. So, in terms of comfort, these headphones have no issues. However, it’s true that they are a bit bulky due to their solid build. If you prefer lightweight gaming headphones like I do, then it might take some time to get used to them, or you might not find them as comfortable.

Kreo Beluga comfort


The Kreo Beluga has a single-direction microphone, which captures very little background noise, almost none when used indoors. The only thing is that because it’s single-direction and placed a bit away from the mouth, you might have to speak a bit louder.

Apart from that, the microphone picks up a clear and natural voice without any background noise, so the microphone quality is good. I’m sure your teammates won’t have any complaints about it.

Kreo Beluga microphone

Sound Quality

Now let’s talk about the sound quality. The Kreo Beluga has large 50mm drivers and offers the option of 7.1 surround sound, which doesn’t require any additional drivers or software to use; it can be easily turned on or off directly from the in-line remote. Personally, I’m not in favour of 7.1 surround sound in headphones because the headphones only have two channels, and believe me, it isn’t as effective.

So, if we discuss the overall sound quality, yes, these are gaming headphones, so of course, we can’t expect a very natural and clear audio output. The sound quality is similar to most gaming headphones: colourful and aggressive audio tuning. It has a warm tuning with a focus on the bass. The bass response is quite good, particularly the lower bass, which it manages quite well. I’ve found this same kind of tuning in a few other headphones in this price range, including the Eksa E900. But overall, in this price category, I found the bass response of the Beluga to be the best—quite boomy and energetic.

Kreo Beluga sound quality

The mid-range is just okay. It’s obvious that the high bass will compromise the mid-range a bit, and that’s true here as well; there isn’t much space or detail in the mid-range. The high frequencies (treble) are also decent, the response is somewhat flat, but still passable. Considering that most gaming headphones in this price range come with an overly harsh treble, this is better by comparison.

I tested these headphones with PUBG PC and CS: GO, and my experience was quite good. You can easily detect the direction of enemies, footstep sounds, and the direction of gunfire. Detecting footsteps in games like PUBG on high bass settings can be difficult, but it’s not as much of a problem with these headphones. The good bass response makes explosions from grenades and vehicle blasts quite enjoyable, and even watching action movies with Kreo Beluga would be a great experience.

Kreo Beluga sound quality

Kreo Beluga Worth To Buy?

The Kreo Belugao Gaming Headset is a good choice, especially given the low cost. The headphones offer a decent gaming sound experience with good low bass tones, and the volume doesn’t feel limiting. The microphone also does an excellent job of blocking background noises; you’re more likely to be able to come through clearly for your teammates to hear during online gaming sessions.

Apart from gaming, If you want a good music experience, then you can use a third-party EQ app. The Kreo Beluga are pure gaming headphones and do well in that department. Considering all the facts, the Kreo Belugao is a really good option for any gamer.

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