Lloyd AC review

Lloyd AC Review – Best Affordable AC in India

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Lloyd AC Review

When it comes to air conditioners (AC), there are four brands that I trust the most: Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Daikin, and Panasonic. However, it’s also true that their options tend to be a bit expensive. I wanted to try an option that was budget-friendly but didn’t compromise on quality and performance and also had good after-sales service. After a lot of research in the market, I bought three options and tried them for 2-3 months.

Finally, the one that impressed me the most was the Lloyd AC (5-in-1 Convertible Inverter AC). Its cooling performance is quite good, and it offers many useful features. Well, not everything is perfect; there is some compromise. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Lloyd AC review

Lloyd AC 1.5 Ton, 1 Ton – 5 Star & 3 Star Rated Options

In this Lloyd AC series, there are 9-10 different variants with varying capacities and energy ratings. The AC series has no specific name; it just has model numbers. You’ll find the purchasing links for all models in the buying section of this article. The model I reviewed is the 1-ton 5-star rated version, but it also comes in options like 1.5 ton, 1.2 ton, and 0.8 ton. These capacity variants are available in both 5-star and 3-star energy ratings. There are also options with Wi-Fi and hot and cold features.

ac capacity buying guide

If you’re confused about whether to buy a 3-star or a 5-star energy-rated model or what capacity to choose, you can find a detailed video and an article on our website. However, I highly recommend going for the 5-star rated variant because the price difference isn’t significant. If your usage is moderate, you could opt for the 3-star model. Just make sure to buy the latest 2024 variant.

3 star vs 5 star ac

Like & Don’t Like

If I talk about what I liked and didn’t like about this Lloyd AC, then I would say the cooling performance is exceptionally good. I didn’t expect it to be this effective. Within 5-7 minutes, it cools down my entire room.

I tested it during the summer, and the room where I tested it is approximately 170 square feet and receives direct sunlight through a large window during the day.

Lloyd 1 ton 5 star review

I know that the 1-ton AC is not enough for a room of this size (a bit underpowered); it should be 1.5 tons. However, I bought this AC specifically for review purposes to check its cooling capacity thoroughly. That’s why I chose to use a slightly underpowered unit.

Most of the time, I tested this AC within a temperature range of 24-27 Celsius because that’s the range where you can truly gauge an AC’s actual cooling performance. After three months of use, I can definitely say that the cooling performance of this new Lloyd AC is very impressive.

Lloyd ac outdoor unit

The build quality of the outdoor unit is also good. I found it to be excellent—even better than some premium ACs on the market. It uses the latest industry-standard coating, and there’s no compromise anywhere in its build.

Lloyd ac outdoor unit

However, the outer body of the indoor unit shows some compromises in build quality. On the bright side, the evaporator coil is equipped with both Hydrophilic Coating and Black Fin coating, which means that despite the lower price, quality hasn’t been sacrificed.

I think remote control has some cost-cutting measures. What do you think? It looks cheap, and the lack of a backlight display makes it difficult to use at night. On the positive side, it has large dedicated buttons, which is a plus for senior citizens as it makes the remote easier for them to use.

Lloyd AC remote

When it comes to features, this Llyod AC has all the standard features you would expect nowadays: auto mode, economy mode, turbo mode, sleep mode, 2-way swings, humidity control, timer on/off, and even indicators for low gas and filter cleaning. It also has a 5-in-1 mode, which I think is common in most inverter ACs nowadays. I personally use this feature a lot, and it definitely makes a difference in my electricity bill.

Lloyd AC review

The energy efficiency is good and meets the latest BEE rating standards. In terms of noise, the indoor unit operates very quietly. The only noise you might hear is from the fan if it’s on; otherwise, the indoor unit will be really silent.

Service & Installation

Regarding installation and service experience, although it may vary by location, my personal experience was quite positive. If you check on Amazon, you’ll find that their basic installation charges are lower than many other brands. They charged me around 1200 INR for basic installation, including GST. Since I already had the outdoor unit stand, they only charged me about 1500 INR in total, including the drain pipe, a few extra nuts, and a cable, which I think is reasonable.


Overall, considering the price, this Llyod AC offers great value for money. After using it extensively for the past 3-4 months, I haven’t found any major downsides. The performance is its main advantage.

My experience with this Llyod AC has been very good. If you are looking for an affordable 5-star AC, you should definitely consider this one.

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Lloyd AC Review
Cooling Performance4.0
Energy Efficiency4.0
Service & Installation4.1
Value For Money4.5
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