V-Guard Insight-G Review

V-Guard Insight-G Review, Best BLDC Fan In India?

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V-Guard Insight-G Review

Recently, I had to replace a ceiling fan in my house, and this time, I was sure I wanted to buy a BLDC fan. BLDC fans offer quite a few advantages compared to regular fans, although they have some downsides. But ultimately, we have to accept that, for now, BLDC is the future of ceiling fans.

There were many options available in the market, but after a bit of research, I finally found one good choice: the V-Guard Insight-G. The V-Guard Insight is newly launched in the market and has a sweep size of 1200mm, which is the standard ceiling fan size, and I think that’s the only size option available for now—maybe in the future, they’ll introduce more size options.

The Insight-G has a speed of 370 RPM and a 5-star energy rating, which promises only 35W power consumption, it’s almost half of what a regular fan uses. It also promises an air delivery of 235 cubic meters per minute. Most importantly, the fan is available in 12 different unique colour options.

Most of the BLDC fans in the market have similar features. However, I chose the V-Guard Insight-G BLDC fan because it has some unique features that set it apart from its peers. To learn more in detail, read this review till the end.

BLDC Fan Vs Regular Fan

FeatureBLDC Ceiling FanRegular Ceiling Fan
Motor TypeBrushless DCInduction
EfficiencyGenerally more energy-efficientLess energy-efficient
Power ConsumptionConsumes less power for similar airflowConsumes more power
Speed ControlMultiple speed settings, often with remoteLimited speed settings, usually via pull chain
Noise LevelsQuieter operationIt can be noisier, especially at higher speeds
Initial CostTypically, a higher initial costThe generally lower initial cost
LongevityLonger lifespan due to less wear and tearIt may require more maintenance over time
PerformanceOffers better airflow control and stabilityAirflow control may not be as precise
Environmental ImpactMore environmentally friendlyHigher environmental impact due to power consumption
Additional FeaturesOften includes features like timer, reverse functionLimited additional features

Box Content

V-Guard Insight-G box content
  • User manual
  • Remote Control
  • 2 x AAA Battery
  • Fan Rod (12-inch)
  • Heavy-duty clamp & nuts
  • Safety Cable kit
  • 3 x Canopies
  • 3 x Blades
  • Motor Unit

Design & Build

The stylish and premium look is the main reason that I chose the V-Guard Insight-G over other options. It looks even more good-looking and stylish in real life than it does in photos. This is the choco wood colour variant I got – it’s a combination of black and wood colours with a matte finish, and it just gives off a unique aesthetic vibe. However, if you don’t like this colour, then don’t worry, you have 12 different colour options.

V-Guard Insight-G design

The fan itself is quite compact and sleek. BLDC fans have fewer components, so because of this, they’re not only compact but also very lightweight. The three-step canopy design gives the fan an extra touch of a premium feel—everything from the mounting to the motor section is covered, enhancing the look and also offering a good deal of protection from dust. The overall build quality of the V-Guard Insight-G is solid; it’s made with an anti-rust design, so it’s not going to look old any time soon.

V-Guard Insight-G design

And yes, the fan’s body, including the blades, is dust-resistant, so you won’t need to clean it very often. But when you need to wipe it, it’ll clean up easily.


The second reason for selecting this fan was its functions and features. The remote is packed with various control options that I haven’t seen in other BLDC fans at this price point, and I found it very user-friendly.

V-Guard Insight-G remote

Of course, you get the standard controls – you can turn it on and off with the remote, and it has the regular five-speed settings. In addition, there are unique modes like “boost” for running the fan at maximum speed and a “breeze” mode, which you can think of as an auto mode, where the fan speed automatically varies.

V-Guard Insight-G review

It comes with three timer settings – 2, 4, and 8 hours – and a separate sleep mode where the speed decreases every 2 hours. Another standout feature is the reverse mode, which is quite unique. In this mode, the fan spins in reverse – really useful, especially if you live in North India. In winter, when you’re using a heater, this feature helps distribute the warm air throughout the room effectively.

V-Guard Insight-G features

Additionally, a fine speed control allows you to adjust the fan’s speed just like you would with an air conditioner to suit your comfort level. The motor part of the fan is semi-transparent, and it has a stylish blue LED light that indicates speed and other controls. It can also function as a night lamp, and it’s not too bright to be uncomfortable for the eyes – plus, you can turn it off with the remote if needed.

V-Guard Insight-G Review

There’s also an interesting feature for the scenario where you might have misplaced the remote. Typically, with BLDC fans, you don’t need a regulator, but if you have one, you can still adjust the speed. Alternatively, you can control it with a smartphone remote app. But this fan has another method – you can adjust the speed using the main switch of the fan by toggling it to shuffle through up to 5-speed levels. So, feature-wise, I found the V-Guard Insight-G to be quite promising.

Warrnaty & Service

Warranty and service were also the main reasons for choosing the V-Guard Insight-G. Generally, BLDC fans have a longer lifespan than normal fans—they don’t easily break down. But the truth is, they’re not as easy to fix when they have issues. So focusing on warranty and after-sales service is important. V-Guard is a well-known brand, and its service centres are found everywhere. I’ve used their products before, so I have some idea about their after-sales service—they tend to respond quickly, giving them good service reviews.

V-Guard Insight-G review

Another factor was the warranty—this fan comes with a 5-year warranty, while most other fans offer either 2 or 3 years. So, an extended warranty is definitely a bonus.

Nowadays, all brands offer installation services; this fan is no exception. They provide a pretty fast service; you can expect a call for installation within 24 hours after delivery. I installed mine myself, but if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can say yes to their service, which comes at a minimal charge of around 300 rupees.

V-Guard Insight-G features


Let’s talk about performance. I’ve tried a couple of BLDC fans before, and I still have regular fans at home so I can make a direct comparison. The airflow from the V-Guard Insight-G is impressive—it even seemed better to me than the regular fans. It throws air across a wide area, making it ideal even for larger rooms. Another thing I’ve noticed is that it’s much quieter. It makes much less noise than a regular fan, which is a big plus.

V-Guard Insight-G review

Moreover, even at full speed, the fan remains quite stable. You might have heard often that BLDC fans aren’t as powerful as normal fans, which is technically true because they use about half the power of a normal fan. So yes, they are somewhat less powerful, but recent improvements in BLDC fans mean the difference isn’t as noticeable when you compare them side by side.


So, the performance of the V-Guard Insight-G is good, and feature-wise, it’s quite promising. It comes with good after-sales service and looks stylish and premium. These were all the reasons I chose this V-Guard fan. Some people might find the price a bit high, but I think good BLDC fans in the market are generally in this price range, so the price seems fair for this ceiling fan.

Overall, the V-Guard Insight-G is a promising ceiling fan. If you’re interested, you definitely can consider buying this ceiling fan. That’s the detailed review of the V-Guard Insight-G BLDC fan; I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments below.

V-Guard Insight G Hindi Review

V-Guard Insight-G Review
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