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Review Overview

A few days ago, we brought you the review of Boat Immortal 1000d. Although we had high expectations on our end, the Immortal 1000d failed to impress us. Today, we are going to review Boat Immortal 1000d’s younger sister, the Boat Immortal 200.

Immortal 200d is a budget gaming headset that carries a price tag of Rs. 1500. After the not-so-good experience with the Immortal 1000d; we sincerely hope that the Immortal 200d headset can help improve the reputation of the brand. So without any further adieu, let us start the detailed review of the Immortal 200 gaming headsets.

Boat Immortal 200 box content

Design and Build Quality

Let us kick things off by discussing the design and build quality of the Immortal 200. The gaming headset is offered in three color variants: Black, Blue, and Red. The first thing that you would notice is its big and bulky design, because of which the Immortal 200 looks quite similar to the Redgear Cosmo and ANT Esports H100.

But is its big and bulky design a tradeoff for usability? The answer is no because although the Immortal 200d headset looks bulky, it does not carry a huge amount of weight. It is primarily because the headphones comprise mainly of plastic materials. The only exception is the supportive cables on top that make use of metal cables.

Boat Immortal 200 review

Resultantly, the headphones offer decent comfort despite their bulky appearance. If you are comfortable with the design, you need not worry about the usability and comfort of the headphones. It is observed that headphones that support these kinds of designs are usually comfortable because of the flexibility that they offer. It is the reason why these headphones do not put a lot of pressure on your ears or head.

Boat Immortal 200 comfort

Now, the Immortal 200 headphones arrive in a big-sized module that covers your ears entirely. The quality of the cushion pads is great, and they are quite soft. As a result, it would not put a lot of pressure on your ears even if you have been wearing the headset for a long period of time. It is one of the biggest requirements for gamers because they are often seen playing games for hours at a stretch. When compared to the Redgear Cosmos headsets, the build quality is much better. Overall, we were highly satisfied with the build quality of the earphones, given the price tag it carries.

Boat Immortal 200 comfort

Another thing that we liked about the Boat Immortal 200 headset is the presence of Minimum RGB lights. When we reviewed the Immortal 1000d, we were not impressed with its RGB or LED lights. However, this is not the case with the 200 headsets; it seems like Boat realized the same. Along with the metal grill mesh present on the top, the minimum RGB lights provide the Immortal 200 with a unique and attractive look. It is worth noting that the Immortal 200 does not offer unlimited RGB lighting options. Additionally, the headphones also lack software customization and the option to turn off the RGB lighting. Although the absence of these options is not a deal-breaker, their inclusion would have been welcomed.

Boat Immortal 200

Well, there is not much to talk about the control options because the Boat Immortal 200 houses a single control: an adjustable volume wheel. You do not get the option of turning the microphone on or off, which was a bit disappointing.

One of the most underrated benefits of these headphones is the length of the cables. They are sufficiently long and braided as well. Braiding not only helps in reducing electromagnetic interference but also increases the life and strength of the cable. Because the headphones mainly target PC gamers, you get a USB port at the end of the cable instead of a 3.5mm headphone AUX cable. You can still connect it to your mobile phones using an OTG cable, although we do not recommend doing the same.

Boat Immortal 200d: Microphone

For a gamer, microphone, and sound quality are the most important factors when choosing headphones. The microphone present on the Immortal 200d is quite flexible and offers a pop filler. It offers decent quality, and you should have no complaints about the microphone in day-to-day games.

Now before we talk about the sound quality of the Boat Immortal 200, it is important to know about the app support it offers. You will have to download the Boat Plugin Labz app from the official website of Boat. Although it is not compulsory, the app would be required if you want to use the 7.1 surrounds sound feature present on the 200d headphones. You should not have any difficulties operating the application as it is quite simple to use.

Boat Immortal 200 design

Sound Quality

In order to check the sound quality of these headphones from a gamer’s point of view, I played games like Pubg PC and CS GO for almost 4 to 5 hours. I will not go deep into the technical terms because I am writing this review in accordance with the price tag of the Immortal 200d.

While I was playing Pubg PC and CS GO, I noticed that the sound quality offered by the 200 is quite similar to the sound quality of the 1000d headsets. Just like a majority of gaming headphones, the sound output and volume were sufficiently loud, thanks to the big 50mm drivers. It was not difficult for me to track the location and direction of enemies in Pubg PC when listening to their footsteps. Trying to identify the direction of bullets, voices, running noises and more was not difficult either. Overall, in terms of sound quality, it is a decent gaming headphone in this price segment.

Boat Immortal 200 review

7.1 Surround Sound System

If you are a gamer, you might already know about the 7.1 surround sound system. Even if you do not know much about it, do not worry. The 7.1 surround system is a kind of sound system in which the sounds are recreated at different distances and angles. This is a beneficial feature for gamers because it allows them to visualize or predict the location of an object or an enemy based on this sound. The 7.1 surround sound system is quite similar to the sound systems used in home theatre systems and movie theatres.

However, just like with most other budget gaming headphones, the 7.1 surround sound system used on the Immortal 200 is below average. After using the headphones personally, I believe that these systems have been added only to increase the features list because they do not offer any benefits or practicality. If you want, you can try it yourself, and we believe that you will stop using this feature after the first few attempts.

Boat Immortal 200

Boat Immortal 200d: Should you buy it?

It is worth noting that the budget segment in headphones is quite competitive because you have hundreds of options to choose from. Additionally, in the budget segment, there is a very thin line that separates the sound quality of gaming headphones from normal headphones, and the Immortal 200d sits exactly on that line. What we mean to say is that the Immortal 200d can be considered a gaming headphone as well as a normal headset. However, given the price point, we can say it is a decent gaming headphone.

Now, just because you have bought a gaming headphone does not mean that you cannot use it for your everyday tasks like watching videos or listening to songs. So is the Immortal 200 suited for these purposes as well?

In our opinion, you should not have any complaints when watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite songs for the majority of the time. However, when I was testing these headphones myself, I observed that the high note of these headphones was a bit too much. It is the reason why you would not find the sounds of bullets of vehicles to be pleasing. The high note gives an artificial feel, and I personally feel that Boat could have done a better job in this area. This headphone would have been a great option if Boat had added the tuning they use in their regular headphones.

Overall, the Boat Immortal 200 is a decent option in the budget gaming headphones segment. When I did the review of Boat 1000d, I did not find it to be a value-for-money option. However, I did not have the same complaint with the 200, and I found it to be a great value-for-money option. If you do not have any problems with its design and if you do not have a big and hefty budget, you can surely add the Immortal 200 to your wishlist.

Additionally, if you want to know about the best gaming headphones in the sub-Rs. 2000 category, you should head to our buying guide section. For more information, please watch Boat Immortal 200 detail review on our Youtube Channel Geekman.

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