Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000 (March 2018)


Are you looking for new gaming headphones? but not sure which pair of headphones is the best? then you have come to the right place. Here we present you a list of best gaming headphones under 1000 Rs for this month. So, according to your budget select one of these gaming headsets and save your valuable time. If you have any questions, please comment on Post, and you also ask questions on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Don’t worry, I update this list every month and I try my best to provide latest and best Bluetooth speaker for you.

These are Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000 Rs for this month

1Kotion Each Cosmic Byte G2000

Lowest Price Options

The Kotion each G2000 is my first choice in the list of best gaming headphones under 1000 Rs. I know you have not heard the name of ‘Kotion Each’ before. But Kotion Each is a popular gaming headphones maker, who is famous for making good quality gaming headphones at a minimum price.

  • On the design front, the headphone looks very stylish with LED lights on main module and microphone.
  • The build quality is flimsy plastic, which feels cheap, but it does have a nice earpiece and headpiece padding to keep it comfortable.
  • It looks very bulky, but in fact, it is quite lightweight and comfortable.
  • It’s soft padded leather ear pads are extremely comfortable.
  • There is two separate 3.5 mm connector for mic and headphone. USB cable for LED lights. If you don’t like LED lights, then don’t plug USB cable.
  • You can’t use these headphones on the laptop because this days laptop comes with only one 3.5mm port. If you purchase additional audio splitter, then you can use.
  • The quality of the microphone is quite good compared to price point.
  • You can adjust volume or on/off microphone by given remote.
  • I was highly impressed with the audio quality. The audio output is very loud and high with 50mm magnetic neodymium driver.
  • Overall, the ‘Kotion each G200’ is perfect pairs of headphones for the gamer in this price range.
  • Driver diameter: 50mm
  • Cable length: 1.8mm
  • Sensitivity: 114dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Microphone sensitivity: -34dB +/- 3dB
  • Frequency range: 20-20KHz
  • Connections: USB (LED) + 3.5mm stereo
  • Weight: 383g
  • 1 Year Warranty

2Kotion Each Cosmic Byte GS410

Lowest Price Options

The kotain each GS410 is my second choice in the list of best gaming headphones under 1000 Rs. I highly recommend these headphones for those who don’t like fancy LED lights. And also for those who want gaming headphones for laptop, Because it comes with a single 3.5 mm connector. So you don’t require to use the audio splitter with this headphone.

  • I am very impressed with the design and build quality. It looks very stylish and classy with black and blue colour combination. Don’t worry, if you don’t like the blue colour. It’s also available in red colours variant.
  • The build quality is also good compared to price range, doesn’t look cheap. However, the whole headphones are made of plastic but in some parts, the metal has been done.
  • I found these headphones is quite comfortable. Because of its good quality air pads and headrest, you can easily use it for a long time.
  • The cable quality is also good. It also has a remote that lets you allow reducing the volume or on/off the microphone.
  • There is a flexible microphone on left module. The quality of the microphone is average.
  • The sound quality is quite good compared to price. The best part, it very loud and clear.
  • Bass is very deep, so it a good sign for gaming. The vocal and treble sound is also average, as much as we can expect at this price point.
  • You can use this headphone with PS4, Xbox one, Laptop, PC, iPhone and Android phone.
  • Frequency range: 15Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 105dB plus/minus
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Cable length: 2.1m
  • 1 Year warranty

3Sades SA-708 Gpower

Lowest Price Options Rs. 3,544
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Last Amazon price update was: 25/09/2018 3:11 am

The Sades SA-708 Gpower is my third choice in the list of best gaming headphones under 1000 Rs. Sades might not be a well-known brand in the world of gaming accessories but after using this headphone, it certainly has our attention.

  • The design part is not so good but the comfort is top notch.
  • The entire body of this headphone is made of plastic and I think the build quality is good compared to price.
  • I found the Sades SA-708 is very comfortable, even after five hours of nonstop gaming. Thanks to its super soft leather cushion ear pad and head pad.
  • It also comes with a foldable microphone but it’s a little bit sensitive, so it picked up a little surrounding noise from time to time.
  • There is two separate 3.5 mm connector for mic and headphone. So if you want to connect it to the laptop you will have to buy an audio separater.
  • You can easily control volume and on/off microphone with help of given remote.
  • The overall sound quality is quite good. I felt it was a little lacking in bass and also little bit distortion at higher volumes, but these flaws were acceptable given its super low price.
  • 40mm drivers
  • Soft PU leather cushion head-pad
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 120dB plus/minus
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Cable length: 2.2m
  • 1 Year warranty

4Dragon War GHS-003

Lowest Price Options

The Dragon War GHS-003 is another best gaming headphones under 1000 Rs. On the design front, it looks very stylish with green and black colour. And for an attractive look, it also has a green LED light on the module.

  • The build quality is average but it doesn’t effect on sound quality.
  • Cable is very strong and 1.2m long. It also comes with a cable protector to attach the gaming headset to the computer.
  • The headset is comfortable but not as compared to the other headsets in the line-up.
  • The microphone is slightly far away from the mouth and also non-adjustable, so that’s why its quality is not so good.
  • There is two separate 3.5 mm connector for mic and headphone. So if you want to connect it to the laptop you will have to buy an audio separater.
  • The 40mm drivers of this headphone provide really good audio output. I think the sound is a little bit shaky in higher volume.
  • 40mm drivers
  • Soft cushion head-pad
  • Frequency range: 15Hz-20KHz
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Cable length: 2.2m
  • 1 Year warranty


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