Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 ANTI headphones Review, Pros & Cons, and User ratings

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The Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 ANTI are budget-friendly headphones with a fancy and lightweight design, Price at Rs.1000. Read this full article to know if it is worth buying this wired headphones.

Skullcandy s5lhz-j576 anti Headphones Unboxing

Inside the box, you will find the headphones and user manual.

Design & Build

On the design front, it looks very fancy and stylish. After all, Skullcandy is known for making fancy headphones. The Skullcandy s5lhz-j576 is very lightweight, you hardly feel it when you are wearing it. I don’t impress with the build quality of these headphones. It doesn’t feel premium while touching.

Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 ANTI headpones Review

The ear cups of these headphones come with foam padding covered with faux leather that looks good and gives a comfortable experience. An ear cups module and cup angle not rotatable, so be careful while travelling. The Body is made of plastic and headrest also made of plastic. Skullcandy didn’t use metal in any single part of these headphones. Overall, these Skullcandy headphones are very comfortable compared to other headphones in this price range.

Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 ANTI headpones Review


The Sound quality of Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 is really good and also louder when compared to other headphones. Bass and Treble sound are good, I am very impressed with Bass effect. If you are an EDM lower than, you love these headphones. These headphones are very clear, even in loud volume.

You don’t get any background noise with Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 headphones, that’s really good. I checked These headphones with different music tracks like Pop, Sufi, and EDM. Overall, I am impressed with the sound output.

Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 ANTI headpones Review

Final Word

Overall, Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 ANTI headphones are really good for sound and Bass quality. The best part, it’s very comfortable and lightweight. On the design, front, it looks stylish but doesn’t’ feel premium while touching. The Build quality needs to be improved in these headphones.

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  1. Hello, I want to know one thing about this product. is it recommend to use during a workout, I mean is it sweat resistant.??

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