Good News! PUBG Mobile India version to launch soon with $100 Million Investment

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  • Pubg corporation all set to launch a PUBG Mobile India.
  • The company announced a $100 Million Investment plan in India for the dedicated Indian version of PUBG Mobile.

Recently, PUBG Corporation terminated PUBG MOBILE Nordic Map: Livik and PUBG MOBILE Lite in India following the announcement by the Government of India to restrict all services and restrict access in India. After that, PUBG Corporation announced that it was preparing to launch a dedicated Indian version of PUBG Mobile, a new game made specifically for the Indian market.

With PUBG Mobile India, various aspects of the game will be adapted for Indian players and in-game content will be customized to reflect local requirements as per the company. The game will now be set up in a virtual simulation training ground and new characters in the game will begin to be created automatically. In this time, there will be a restriction on playing time to promote healthy sports habits for young players.

In addition, the company said that it would conduct regular audits and verification of PUBG Mobile India users on storage systems containing personally identifiable information. It has also announced plans to create an Indian subsidiary to enhance communication and services with players where it will employ more than 100 employees specializing in trade, exports and sports development.

In addition, PUBG Corporation, it’s South Korean parent company KRAFTON, Inc., Plans to invest $ 100 million in India to cultivate the local video game, entertainment, export and IT industries. There is no date when Indian version PUBG Mobile launch.

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