Microsoft Teams: New ‘Top Hits’ Features improve The Current Auto-Suggest.

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Microsoft Teams is currently one of the most popular online business communication platforms. Microsoft Teams is currently being used by thousands of employees from all over the world for their work from home thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. It seems like Microsoft is trying to up its functionality in order to attract more users.

The Redmond-based technology giant is planning to introduce a new feature called “Top Hits”. The feature came into highlight when Microsoft published a new entry, the “Top Hits” feature in their Microsoft 365 cloud services. It is said that the Top Hits feature would provide you with the most relevant search results when you look up a topic.

As of now, Microsoft is still developing the Top Hits feature and we expect to see it rolling out by the end of August. The tech giant claims that the new feature would suggest the most relevant results across chats, people, stories, files, and other content shared or stored on the Teams application. The Top Hits feature adds another layer of the search algorithm to the Teams that allows you to complete your search faster.

Microsoft first started adding features like file sharing, and video calls to the Teams application during the pandemic. Ever since Microsoft is striving hard to make their Teams application the most preferred business communications application over Zoom. Just a few weeks back, Microsoft added a feature that allowed Team users to merge their professional and personal accounts. This feature benefitted the Teams users exceptionally as they were no longer required to switch between their personal and professional accounts frequently.

Additionally, Microsoft has also added several new video conferencing tools to the Teams application like the Standout Mode, Reporter Mode, and Side-by-Side modes. Using these features, the users have the option of replacing their actual background with a video or a picture. This was a helpful feature when making presentations and more.

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