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Whatsapp Android To iOS Chat History Transfer Coming Soon

Whatsapp has been teasing their cross platform chat mitigation feature for quite some time now, and the feature finally got released last week. However, it was limited for chat transfer from iOS to Android applications, and Samsung phones only. However, the latest Whatsapp beta version released for Android now reveals that the company is planning to facilitate the transfer of chats from Android to iOS devices as well.

Because the feature is still under development, we cannot say much about the same, nor can we get a preview of how it works. However, it can be expected that just like iOS to Android transfer, the Android to iOS transfer feature would also require you to connect a cable between the devices. Whatsapp is expected to provide more information about these features in near future, and although it cannot be guaranteed, it is expected that this feature would not be limited to Samsung phones when it is officially launched. Stay tuned for more updates. 

Whatsapp chat tranfer ios
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