Vega T1 Beard Trimmer Review

Vega T1 Beard Trimmer Review, Best Budget Trimmer?

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Review Overview

Around a few days ago, we reviewed the Vega T3 Trimmer, and today ahead in this article, we are going to review its younger brother, the Vega T1 Beard Trimmer. As like its older brother T1 also available on Amazon India at an affordable rate of 799 Rs. Now, without wasting any time, let’s dive into the full review of this Beard Trimmer.

VEGA T1 Beard Trimmer Specifications

  • Type: Beard Trimmer
  • Length Settings: 23, 0.4 mm to 12 mm
  • Battery: 600 mAH
  • Charging: USB Input
  • Running Time: 40 min
  • Charging time: approx 7-8h.
  • Weight: 105g
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Box Content

Vega T1 Unboxing
  • micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Lubrication oil
  • User manual
  • Trimmer with Comb Head

Design & Build

The Vega T1 Beard trimmer is available in colour black; the trimmer’s first impression is that it is good looking; the dial wheel in the front offers the trimmer a unique and attractive look. The trimmer has a decent build though not as good as the Vega T3, but the form is pretty nice given the price. This trimmer’s main highlight is the slim and compact design that makes it comfortable for the user to use.

Vega T1

The overall tangle shape of the trimmer provides a better grip, which offers a comfortable trimming experience. Secondly, the trimmer is also lightly weighted, which again is a plus point. Another good thing about the trimmer is that the dial wheel, which not only looks good but is also easy to use, in this the user gets 23 length settings ranging from 1mm to 12mm, and the user can get a clean shave of 0.4mm, but for this, the user needs to use a comb and use it directly.

Vega T1 Beard Trimmer

The trimmer is not waterproof, so it needs dry clean, or the user can remove the blade and clean it with water. However, this has to be done very carefully when tried personally. 

In the front, we get a power button, below it is a small red light indicator that turns on only when the trimmer is charging, so the user does not get power status. The amazon users asked if the trimmer has a travel lock; the trimmer does not have a travel lock.

Vega T1 Beard Trimmer

Real-world Performance

Talking about the real-world use, The Vega T1 did his job very well. The overall trimming experience is identical to the other trimmers in the same price range, but there are many differences that we have noticed; the blade is pretty sharp and skin-friendly.

Vega T1 Beard Trimmer

The trimmer efficiently offers a smooth trimming experience. The user may have questions related to hairstyles; for hairstyles, we don’t use a trimmer; instead, we use the clipper for the purpose, and its not only this trimmer but any beard trimmer is not used for hairstyling. But the user can use it as a hair trimmer at their own risk.

The trimmer does not have any heating issues or noise issues. The trimmer is relatively silent while working; the noise remains below 50 dB, which is good.


Vega T1

The trimmer comes with a 600 mah battery that offers a running time of 40 minutes after 7 to 8 hours of charging. Considering the average running time, it can work for a week in a single charge. The time taken by the trimmer to charge is a little long, which is the main down point. The trimmer offers a USB input; the user can set the trimmer from a laptop, power bank, car charger, etc.

Final Word

So overall, considering its pricing, the Vega T1 offers excellent performance. Users who travel a lot or use a trimmer regularly, the trimmer is not recommended for them; instead, they can use a Vega T3 or similar trimmers. If the user uses the trimmer only once or twice in a week and mostly uses it at home, they can buy the Vega T1 without any doubt.

Buy Now:

Rs. 779
Rs. 999


Can I use this Vega T1 for Hairstyle?

Yes, but at your own risk

Is it waterproof?

No, you can only wash the head section and blade

It support USB Charging?

Yes, but only USB input

Can we use T1 on some other body parts?

It’s not recommended, but you can use it at own risk. Please be careful while using on sensitive body parts.


1 Year

Can I use Mi Trimmer while charging?

Yes, you can

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Review Overview
Comfort Use3.8
Skin Friendly3.7
Value for money4.0
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