Tozo Open Buds Review

Tozo Open Buds Review, Best Budget Open-Ear Earbuds!

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The demand for open-ear earphones has significantly increased in the market recently. And that’s why I’ve tested numerous open-ear design earbuds & earphones recently. To complete this list I just completed the testing of TOZO Open Buds, which is another best-selling open-ear design earbuds on Amazon. These open-ear earbuds are explicitly for outdoor enthusiasts who want a soundtrack to underscore their adventures.

I spent two weeks straight with these earbuds to inform you of all its strengths and weaknesses.

Tozo Open Buds Open-Ear Earbuds

$79, 6999 Rs$49, 3999 Rs
4.1 out of 5

If you frequently exercise outside and feel lost without your music, the Tozo Open Buds are the next earbuds In your collection.

Sound Quality4 out of 5
Design4.1 out of 5
Build4.5 out of 5
Connectivity3.9 out of 5
Microphone3.8 out of 5
Comfort4.6 out of 5
Battery Life4 out of 5
Feature3.6 out of 5
LikeStylish Design & Solid BuildVery Comfortable & Secure Fit (Thanks to the Multi-angle Ear hooks)IPX6 RatingAmazing Battery LifeDecent MicrophoneDecent Sound Quality With Wide Sound Stage
Don’t LikeNo Custom EQNo Google Dual Pair Support

Tozo Open Buds Specifications

ColorsBlack, Pink, White
Bluetooth codecsSBC, AAC
Mic4-mic array
SupportAndroid 6.0+, iOS 12+
App SupportYes, TOZO App
Battery70mAh (earbuds) / 600mAh (charging case), 10h (single charge) / 30h (with charging case)
Charging time2h quick charge
Other FeaturesTouch control customizes, In-Ear Detection, 6 Audio Modes

Box Content

Tozo Open Buds box content
  • Earbuds
  • USB Type-C cable
  • User guide

Is the Tozo Open Buds Comfortable, Well Design?

The first thing that impressed me about the Tozo Open Buds is their design. Most of the open-ear earbuds I’ve tried so far had a sporty design, but the Tozo Open Buds have a normal casual appearance, which I really liked. It looks more stylish and premium.

Tozo Open Buds design

The pebble-shaped charging case is quite large, but it’s ok most of the open-ear TWS have large cases. Still, the TOZO did a good job of keeping it slim and minimal. The charging case design is complemented by good build quality, and it’s not too bulky, weighing in at just 72 grams. My only complaint is that it has a matte finish, meaning it looks good but can easily pick up scratches.

Tozo Open Buds charging case design

The earbuds come in a combination of dark grey and black colour combination, which look quite premium. Design-wise, they’re similar to what you’d expect from most open-ear earbuds; since there’s no in-ear part, the backside surface is flat and features a large driver window that sits above the ear canal.

Tozo Open Buds earbuds design

But what’s unique is the part with the earfin. The earfins on these can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, from 60 to 90 degrees. Vertically, there are 7 stages of adjustment with a nice tactile feel. I’m quite impressed with the overall adjustment mechanism and hope other brands also offer a similar mechanism. It makes a significant difference to the comfort and wearing experience.

Tozo Open Buds earbuds design

The main purpose of open-ear earbuds is comfort, so naturally, they’re all more comfortable than regular earbuds. However, out of all the open-ear earbuds I’ve tried so far, the Tozo Open Buds are the most comfortable ones. You can easily use them continuously for 3-4 hours.

Usually, earbuds with earfins take some time to get used to, and that’s why I tend to avoid them. But with these Tozo Open Buds, that’s not the case – they’re easy to get used to immediately. Also, their unique adjustment mechanism provides good comfort and a tight and secure fit. This means you won’t have any problems while running or engaging in intense sports activities. So, comfort and fit are the biggest advantages of Tozo Open Buds. Moreover, they’re quite lightweight; despite looking bulky, a single earbud weighs only 5 grams.

Tozo Open Buds earbuds build

There are no physical buttons on the earbuds. The top part functions as a touch control, which is easy to use due to its large size and responsiveness. You can also customize the touch controls using the TOZO app. Another good feature is that they come with volume control options. It also has an IPX6 waterproof rating and is fully protected against dust, sweat, or heavy rain.

What About Connectivity and Features?

Regarding connectivity, the earbuds support the latest Bluetooth 5.3, and I haven’t found any issues with range or connectivity. It also offers dual connectivity and a single mono-mode option. The earbuds also have a wear-detection feature, which supports automatic pausing and playing when you put them on or remove them. One thing missing, though, is support for Google Fast Pair support.

Tozo Open Buds features

As these are open-ear earbuds, it’s obvious that they don’t come with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and you can’t expect great noise isolation either. However, compared to other open-ear earbuds, I found the noise isolation to be somewhat better, and they also seemed to leak less noise. Still, some sound leakage is inevitable, so people sitting close to you in a quiet indoor environment will likely notice what you’re listening to.

Tozo Open Buds app

To access other features, you’ll need to download the TOZO App, which is available for the Android and iOS platforms. It’s the same app used for TOZO’s other audio products. It’s quite well-optimized and user-friendly. There aren’t many options specifically for these earbuds—just 4-5 preset audio modes, and the possibility to customize touch controls. There’s also an option for earbud updates; up to now, two updates have made noticeable improvements to the audio modes and the overall audio quality.

There are no advanced options, which I didn’t expect, but a custom EQ option would have been nice. Considering that other TOZO earbuds use the same app and include this feature, it’s unclear why it would be turned off for this particular earbud.

How Long Does the Battery Last On the Tozo Open Buds?

The battery life seems promising as well. The earbuds come with a 70 mAh battery, and the charging case has a 650 mAh battery. Based on my one-week test, I can say that at 50% volume, you can get approximately 10 hours of playback from the earbuds, and around 30 hours from the charging case—which are pretty good numbers. So, the battery backup of the Tozo Open Buds is quite impressive. Additionally, these support USB Type-C quick charging, and they get fully charged within 2 hours.

Tozo Open Buds earbuds battery

Can you use the Tozo Open Buds for phone calls?

The microphone quality is decent. Generally, open-ear earbuds have decent microphone quality and are no exception. When used indoors for calls, there are no issues. However, the person on the other end might hear some background noise in noisy outdoor environments. It’s not excellent, but it’s not bad either. You can say it has an average to decent microphone quality.


How Does the Tozo Open Buds Sound?

Now, let’s talk about sound quality. The Tozo Open Buds have large 14.2 mm dynamic drivers and SBC and AAC codec support. Those who don’t know should clarify that you won’t get the same audio experience with open-ear earbuds as normal in-ear earbuds. The bass response or high-frequency response is not the same, so they don’t provide that immersive feel. Thus, open-ear earbuds can never really be your primary earbuds. People often use them as a secondary option for cycling, outdoor jogging, or other sports activities.

Tozo Open Buds Review

Comparing them to other open-ear buds, the sound volume is at the right level; even in high-traffic areas, there’s no issue. Even at total volume, the sound output remains clear. The bass response is excellent and balanced, although not as powerful as in-ear buds, but still slightly better than most budget open-ear buds I’ve tried. The vocals and mid-range are managed well, with ample space and detail in the mid-range frequencies. The treble and higher frequency responses are also good, though they may feel flat. Overall, the tuning is quite balanced, and the soundstage is surprisingly wide.

Should you buy the Tozo Open Buds?

If you frequently exercise outside and feel lost without your music, the Tozo Open Buds are the next earbuds In your collection. If you want a more versatile, comfortable pair of budget open-ear earbuds with good sound quality, a good microphone and good audio quality, then you can buy Tozo Open Buds.

The sound quality is good if you don’t compare them to normal in-ear earbuds. There are compromises, but they don’t overly affect the main usage, so you don’t need to worry too much about purchasing them.

FAQ about Tozo Open Buds

Can I Wear These Earbuds With Glasses?

Good question! This depends on the thickness of your glasses’ arms. I use eyeglasses and I don’t find any comfort-related problems while wearing Tozo Open Buds.

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