Ptron Bassbuds Gomax Review

Ptron Bassbuds Gomax Review – A Budget Earbuds

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Ptron Bassbuds Gomax Review

Ptron recently launched the Bassbuds Gomax, the company’s latest budget wireless earbuds. It is compact and stylish, features Bluetooth 5.3, has touch controls and promises over 30 hours of playback. After using it for a couple of days, here is my review of Ptron Bassbuds Gomax earbuds.

Box Content

  • Earbuds
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • 2 x Ear tips
  • User Manual
Ptron Bassbuds Gomax unboxing

Design, Build & Comfort

The Ptron Bassbuds Gomax have a decent design. Their charging case looks quite similar to the OnePlus Buds, but overall, it looks good. I have a white colour variant, but you also have a black colour option. The build quality is also good, and it feels durable and justifies the price tag.

Ptron Bassbuds Gomax design

The earbuds are comfortable to wear. They have a long stem design and are lightweight. I continuously used Bassbuds Gomax for 1-2 hours, and I didn’t find any comfort-related issues. The touch controls are also very responsive and easy to use, so there is no extra struggle. You can easily control the music and incoming calls using the touch control.

Ptron Bassbuds Gomax design

The only thing I didn’t like much was the red and blue indicator lights on the earbuds. It would have been nicer if they were just simple white lights. But it’s okay; every wish doesn’t come true. ThePtron Bassbuds Gomax has an IPX5 waterproof rating, so they’re protected from dust, sweat, and light rain.

Ptron Bassbuds Gomax build

Connectivity & Battery

I don’t find any connectivity or pairing-related issues. The Bassbuds Gomax come with the latest Bluetooth 5.3, so they easily connect to any device. However, you won’t find advanced features like Google Fast Pair, dual pair, or ANC support on this.

Ptron Bassbuds Gomax battery

The battery life is decent. You’ll get around 4-5 hours of playback time with the earbuds at 50-60% volume, and overall, you’ll get approximately 28 hours of playback time with the charging case. These numbers are good.


The microphone is also good. The quality is decent, similar to what you’d find in most earbuds in this price range. The voice sounds quite natural, which is nice. Even for outdoor use, it works well. Though it might pick up a bit of background noise, it’s normal for TWS earbuds. During calls, the person on the other end can hear your voice clearly. So, overall, the microphone is decent.

Ptron Bassbuds Gomax microphone

Sound Quality

Let’s talk about the sound quality. The Ptron Bassbuds Gomax have large 13mm drivers. I haven’t tried many options under Rs. 1000, but the sound quality here was better than what I expected. With large drivers, the output is quite loud. Even at 60-70% volume, it’s more than enough, and there’s not much distortion even at full volume.

Ptron Bassbuds Gomax sound quality

The bass is the main priority in audio tuning. Like the majority of Indian listeners, if you prioritize bass, then you will like the sound quality of Ptron Bassbuds Gomax. What I liked about Bassbuds Gomax is that, unlike many budget TWS earbuds where the bass is overly emphasized, here it’s not so overpowering. This means other audio frequencies aren’t negatively affected much. The vocals are somewhat compressed but still have decent space and detail. The mid-frequencies lack some detail, but it’s OK. Considering the price point, we can’t complain too much.

Ptron Bassbuds Gomax sound quality

High frequencies (treble) are also vibrant and have decent detail. Instrument separation is good, too. Overall, the audio experience was enjoyable, and Bassbuds Gomax is an ideal choice for all-in-one entertainment purposes.

Worth To Buy Ptron Bassbuds Gomax?

Overall, PTron Bassbuds Gomax is definitely a value-for-money product. There are no major drawbacks, just some minor compromises, but that’s expected at this price point. If you’re looking for decent-sounding TWS earbuds under Rs. 1000, you should definitely consider buying these Bassbuds Gomax.

Ptron Bassbuds Gomax Review
Battery Life4.0
Sound Quality4.0
Value For Money4.0
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