Spotify Adds a ‘What’s New’ Feed To Notify You Of New Releases From Your Favorite Artists.

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One of the most popular online music streaming platforms, Spotify is introducing a new feature to its application, in order to improve the user experience. In the upcoming Spotify update, we will be introduced with the “What’s New” feed. This feature is mainly designed for mobile users, and it will notify them about any new releases from their following artists and podcast creators.

The Swedish music streaming giant, Spotify announced this new feature through their official blog post. As per Spotify records, different artists and creators upload more than 50,000 hours of content every day on their platform. So, in order to help Spotify users keep track of all the new releases from their favorite artists and podcast creators, Spotify has introduced this “What’s New” feed.

What’s The Use Of The New Feed Section?

In the upcoming Spotify update, you will be introduced to the, “what’s new” feed. It will appear as the “Bell icon” at the top right corner of the Spotify home screen. By clicking on the bell icon, you can check out all the new releases from the artist and podcasters that you are following on Spotify. In short, it will contain all the new releases from various artists and creators on Spotify.

For getting a real-time release update from different artists, all you have to do is, go to their Spotify profile and start following them. As a result of this, whenever the artist, that you have followed, uploads any new song, podcast, or episode, you will be notified instantly through the bell icon.

The bell icon or the “What’s New” section has a separate filter option by enabling which you can sort different types of songs, podcasts, and episodes that you want to watch. It will also help you to easily and quickly find the content that you are looking for on Spotify.

Spotify has started to roll out this new feature to all its users throughout the globe. And it will be compatible with both Android and IOS users. So, keep checking your Play Store or App Store to download this “What’s New” feature as soon as it gets available for your device.

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