319 Terabytes Per Second Internet Speed! Japan Breaks ALL Internet Speed Record

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With the daily advancement of Technology, we are quickly moving towards a digital society where internet-based technologies will play a major role. With companies like Facebook working on providing the best Internet connection in every remote area with the help of robots, Japan recently set the record for reaching the highest internet speed on paper. So, without any further ADO, let’s get into more details on this news.

Japan 4-Core Optical Fiber Network

All thanks to the researchers of the National Institute of information and Communication Technology (NICT), Japan who were able to develop a 4-core optical fiber that helped to achieve 319 terabytes per second internet speed. Yes, you heard it right, 319 Terabytes internet speed and it is almost double the previous highest recorded internet speed, i.e. 178 terabytes per second, which was achieved in August 2020.

The researchers announced the achievement via releasing a press note that read, “NICT has built a long-distance transmission system around the 4-core optical fiber with standard cladding diameter to exploit wider transmission bandwidth”. For achieving this speed, researchers replaced the default single-core system with the 4-core fiber optic line.

The most important message shared by the researchers was that the speed didn’t slow down even while they were trying to send the information and data over a long distance of almost 3,001 kilometers. However, it’s important to point out that the long-distance system was created by researchers in the lab with the help of coiled cabling.

What’s The Use Of 319 TBPS Internet Speed?

As a tech geek, you might be wondering what one can achieve with a 319 terabyte per second internet speed? According to various reports, you can download more than 7000 full HD movies within a second.

You can even download the 3,781 big movies library of Netflix in less than a second, with the help of 319 tbps internet speed.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the developed 4 core optical fiber doesn’t give you the option of downloading movies from different libraries. This technology is mainly designed to transfer crucial data over a long distance within seconds.

Moreover, the researchers also pointed out that there is still much room for improvement in the 4-core optical fiber system, before making it available to the normal world. Additionally, it will be too expensive to make this technology available to the real world. But on the positive side, these new 4-code lines are designed based on the existing infrastructure, i.e. it will go hand-in-hand with standard cladding.

Nevertheless, all we can do is wait for the day when this technology will be made available for the public, and we will be able to download our favorite games and movies in no time.

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