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pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 Review | Best Budget TWS Earbuds Under 1000 Rs

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Review Overview

In this article, we are going to review the Ptron Bassbuds Lite V2 budget TWS earbuds that have been launched in the Indian markets recently. The product carries a price tag of about Rs.1,000, and you might even be able to get this product for about Rs. 800 owing to various offers, and more. However, you might have several doubts about this product before you make the final decision to buy it. This is the major reason why we are bringing this review to you, so that it clarifies all your doubts, and you can make the best decision as per your needs. So let’s start this Ptron Bassbuds Lite V2 budget TWS earbuds review.

Box Content

Let’s first start with the in-box contents of these TWS earbuds. You get some basic paperwork along with a micro USB charging cable. The Ptron Bassbuds Lite V2 is a budget wireless earbuds, which is why we don’t spot a USB Type-C port. You also get two ear tips of different sizes, which might be of great help to you. Finally, you have the Ptron Bassbuds Lite V2 earbuds themselves. So that’s all about the in-box contents, and let’s now have a look at the design of these wireless buds.

pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 box content

Design, Build, and Comfort

The first thing that you would notice is the charging case of the Bassbuds Lite V2 earbuds. The charging case’s design is quite simple, and the case arrives in an all-black color with a matte finish on top. The main highlight here is that the charging case is quite compact, and it weighs pretty little. This means that even if you have to carry around the charging case in the pocket of your jeans, you will not find it to be difficult or uncomfortable. There is a bit of curve on the front side of the case, but that should not be an issue.

pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 charging box

The charging micro USB port and small indicator light are housed on the bottom end of the case. The indicator light would display the charging and battery status. There is also a small button next to the lights that can be used to turn On or turn Off the charging process.

pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 charing box

Let’s have a look at the earbuds now. The earbuds themselves are quite compact, and they look quite simple, which is not a bad thing. Because the Lite V2 earbuds are a budget offering, you get average build quality, and to be honest, you cannot complain about the same because it is a budget offering. However, the comfort of the earbuds is quite good, and even if you have been wearing it for extended periods of time, you will not find it to be uncomfortable. It might be because of the fact that the earbuds are quite lightweight, and the ear tips are placed at a sharp 90 degrees.

pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 comfort

We tried these earbuds ourselves, and we did not find them uncomfortable even after using it for extended periods of time. The earbuds sit comfortably in your ears, and the chances of the earbuds slipping out is quite less. This provides a sense of security and assurity which certainly helps. We even used the Lite V2 buds while exercising on the treadmill, and it did not slip out even once. A great fit also means that you get a decent level of passive noise cancellation, which is really useful as the earbuds do not offer the active noise cancellation feature. The earbuds also feature the IPX4 rating that protects them from accidental splashes and dust. If you are looking for earbuds for exercise purposes, then you will not face any issues.

One of the major highlights of the earbuds is the touch controls present on them, which increases the usability and adds to the clean looks. The touch controls are quite responsive, and you get different control options for answering calls, controlling music, and adjusting the volume levels.

pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 review


Talking about connectivity, the Lite V2 earbuds use Bluetooth v5.1 for connecting to your smartphones, which is an impressive feature considering the price point of the earbuds. We did not face any difficulties in real-time when we were pairing these earbuds with our smartphones. Not only do the earbuds connect seamlessly, but they also provide a decent range that certainly helps. You also get the automatic to connect and disconnect feature that might come in handy in the future.

pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 connectivity

Battery Life

Talking about battery life, the company claims that the earbuds can offer a playback time of about 20 hours along with the charging case. However, when we tested these earbuds in real life, we found it to be delivering a battery life of about 15 to 16 hours when using them at about 70% of the maximum volume. Talking about the earbuds alone, you can expect a battery life of about 3 hours which is not that bad, especially when talking about budget earbuds.

pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 battery

Sound Quality

Let’s now talk about the sound quality of the Ptron Bassbuds Lite V2. During our time with these earbuds, we found the sound quality to be average. The sound quality is certainly not great, but when we compare it to the sound quality offered by some earbuds in the Rs.1,500 segment, we can call it to be decent at max.

pTron Bassbuds Lite V2 review

The audio output is loud enough owing to the powerful 10mm drivers. The company has done a great job with the bass profile, though as the bass is almost perfect. The audio output has got some depth to it, and you would not find it to be overbearing at times. The quality of the vocals and the overall treble is just good enough. We did not find the audio output to be muffled even at higher volumes, which is a good thing. The treble fades a little at higher volumes, but if you are using these earbuds at 70% of max volume, you will not find any issues.

Should you buy pTron Bassbuds Lite V2

If we had to sum up the Ptron Bassbuds Lite V2 in a few lines, we would say that the audio quality justifies the price tag at which the company offers these earbuds. The earbuds certainly exceeded our expectations, especially in battery backup and sound quality. The Ptron Bassbuds Lite V2 would definitely be featured in our best buy list of the “Best TWS earbuds under 1000 Rs”.

Overall, if you like the design of the earbuds, you can go with it without any trouble. If you want some other suggestions or help, you can refer to our best TWS earbuds list that thousands of people use every day.

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