ND ZR In-Ears Monitor Earphones Review

ND ZR Review: Best IEM Earphones Under 2000 Rs?

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ND ZR Review

Today, I have with me the new ND ZR wired IEM earphones, which we can call entry-level IEMs. ND Audio recently launched them in the Indian market at a price point of around 2000 Rs. I’ve used these earphones as my daily driver for the last week. I’ll quickly share how I felt about the overall sound quality of the new ND ZR compared to other best-selling in-ear monitor earphones in this price range.

ND ZR Specification

  • Drivers: 10mm Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency Response: 20HZ-20000HZ
  • Impedance: 32Ω+10%
  • Sensitivity: 103dB+3dB
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm
  • Pin Type: 2Pin 0.75mm
  • Cable: Silver Plated Oxygen-Free Copper
  • Mic: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Box Content

  • 2Pin 0.75mm Silver plated detachable cable
  • 2 x silicone ear tips
  • Main audio modules
ND ZR Unboxing

Design, Build & Comfort

The design is pretty much what you would expect from budget in-ear monitor earphones, but it still feels promising. It has a semi-transparent inner shell through which you can easily see the driver unit. The faceplate has a marble-type design with a glossy finish, which I personally liked quite a bit. This gives the earphones a premium touch.

ND ZR Design

The overall build quality of ND ZR is good, and unlike many budget IEM earphones, these are not too bulky. They are lightweight, so there shouldn’t be any discomfort during daily use. You can comfortably use them for 2-3 hours straight. The ND ZR offers good noise isolation and does a good job of blocking all unwanted noises.

ND ZR Design
ND ZR build


I got the microphone variant, which has a tiny capsule on the cable with a microphone and a single multifunction button that you can use to control music, respond to calls, and access voice assistants.

ND ZR mic

Since we are discussing the microphone, I would also like to share my experience with it. The microphone of ND ZR is decent, similar to what you’d find in most wired earphones. The quality of the microphone is decent enough for regular phone use, gaming, or daily meetings.

How does the ND ZR sound?

Now, let’s talk about the most important aspect – sound quality. The ND ZR earphones feature 10mm dynamic drivers. I’m not sure how the ND Audio is marketing its tuning, but I found it balanced tuning.

Let’s talk about audio quality in three parts: lows, mids, and highs. Starting with the low frequencies, the bass response is quite clean and balanced. It doesn’t overwhelm and drown out the other frequencies, especially the mids. However, I feel that the low and mid-bass response could have been slightly better, as some tracks lack the energy you’d expect. But as I mentioned earlier, you can adjust it with a third-party equalizer app. Overall, the ND ZR seem to have a balanced tuning, which I think is appropriate for the bass.

ND ZR sound quality

As for the mids, vocals and midrange instruments are clear and well-detailed. Vocals sound very natural, and there’s good separation from other frequencies, improving the overall listening experience. One small issue is that vocals sometimes lack depth, and some detail seems missing, especially in vocal-focused tracks. However, the mid-instruments’ detail is good, and the imaging is also impressive.

The high notes and treble performance are also good. The treble is smooth and detailed. There’s no attempt to overly sharpen the trebles, nor do they sound harsh, allowing you to clearly hear all the technical details.

ND ZR sound quality

With good instrument separation, the sound stage also feels quite wide for the price range. This makes these In-Ears Monitor earphones suitable for all types of uses, from music and all-day entertainment to even gaming, thanks to their good instrument separation and wide sound stage.

Is it worth Buying ND ZR IEM?

Overall, the ND ZR is definitely a good option under 2000 Rs. You should consider these if you’re looking for an all-purpose, natural, and balanced audio experience. However, if you’re seeking a better bass response or if you’re a treblehead user, these might not impress you much. In that case, you might want to look at other options in this price range, like the KZ ZSN Pro 2 or KZ ZSN Pro X. But the ND ZR In-Ears Monitor earphones definitely worth considering for a decent, balanced, clear tuning.

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ND ZR Review
Sound Quality3.9
Noise Isolation3.5
Value For Money4.0
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