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Nayo Smart Almighty Functional Backpack Review, Ultimate Business Travel Backpack!



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Sometimes you just need a one-size-fits-all solution that fills in the blanks for your needs. For some of us, the more we stay in the city, the more we yearn for the great outdoors or business trip. But when we look at our backpack, we just know it’s not suitable for that particular use or not enough to handle everything we want to take with us.

So why not? Nayo Smart thinks so, so they combined a daypack, travel, business, photography, or sports backpack into this: the Nayo Smart Almighty backpack. The Nayo Almighty combine unique functionality with a futuristic look. Its outstanding build with waterproof and environmental friendly TPU fabric is the biggest prime point. This pack holds about 25L, making it an ideal travel pack for those who prefer to travel minimally. If that doesn’t describe you, fear not— You also have a 32L capacity option with this futuristic backpack.

If you’re interested in learning more about this backpack, you’re going to want to check out the review below—it’s got all of our experiences from the last two weeks of testing!

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Nayo Smart Almighty Review

Technical Details

  • Capacity: 25L, 32L
  • Weight: 1.2Kg
  • Dimensions: 46 x 32 x 16 CM, 51 x 35 x 17 CM
  • Materials: TPU fabric, Nylon, Polyurethane, Waterproof Zippers
  • Laptop Compartment Size: Up to 17.3-inch laptop
  • Waterproof: 100%
Nayo Smart Almighty

Materials & Aesthetic

The Nayo Smart Almighty has the durability and functionality you want in a travel pack rolled into a smart, clean design. I’ve found it to work great not only functionally speaking but aesthetically speaking, too.

Nayo Smart Almighty Review
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The fabric is softer, the shape is more round, and the Hypalon tabs on the harness system are pretty cleaner. This makes for a more streamlined look and user experience.

At the time of this review, the Nayo Almighty is only available in one colour scheme, and that’s all-time favourite Black—so if you’re hoping for something a little more colourful, you’re not going to find it here. But if you’re a business user, then you will definitely like this all-black colour, it give the ultimate luxury feel.

Nayo Smart Almighty side look

Looks-aside, the materials Away opted for feel nice and durable. As I already mentioned, the nylon exterior is water-resistant. That water resistance is great for drizzly days or if you accidentally set the backpack down on a wet surface. But don’t expect it to do well in a downpour.

Nayo Smart Almighty material
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You’ll find Lenzip zippers throughout the backpack— water-resistant Lenzip zippers, to be exact. We appreciate the added protection that these zippers offer for our stuff. They even have easy-to-grab pulls and built-in garages to tuck the zippers into to ensure your bag is sealed and secure. And they’ve all been working smoothly throughout testing, so no complaint here.

Nayo Smart Almighty zipper

When it comes to branding, there’s a simple Nayo Smart logo on the front of the pack, another on the shoulder strap, back panel, and a couple of other places.

Nayo Smart Almighty front side

Bag Tour: External Components

Speaking of the overall structure, this bag stands up by itself thanks to its foam padding and boxy shape. We know this is a key consideration for a lot of users—including all of you who specifically ask us to find bags that stand up – so it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Nayo Smart Almighty back side

As far as travel packs go, straps and pads are pretty important. And for the most part, the Nayo Smart Almighty gets it right in this department.

The shoulder straps are very well padded and the foam inside is dense and has been comfortable enough for the pack’s size and capacity. Plus, the straps are a little wider than average, which we’ve found helps them better distribute weight across each shoulder so that the backpack doesn’t feel too heavy even when it’s fully packed.

Nayo Almighty review

And there is a removable hip belt, which attaches to the pack with velcro. It’s not super thick and there’s no padding—it’s just a simple strap. Plus, it’s got a handy elastic keeper to help manage excess strap, which we always appreciate.

Nayo Smart Almighty straps

There are two small secret pockets in both straps belt which very handy for money, credit cards, and a small phone diary.

Nayo Smart Almighty back pocket

Yes, there is a small whistle in the sternum strap belt, which will helpful in many cases. There is also a small reflective strip on both straps that very handy for night backpackers.

Speaking of the back panel, it has lots of mesh lining for added breathability, which is appreciated when you’re carrying a bag in the summer season. The backside generously padded with soft meshed foam and feel really comfortable in usage. I used this backpack in my trip with almost 24L stuff and I found it’s really comfortable than my previous bag, so comfort is another prime point of this backpack.

Nayo Smart Almighty back padding

There’s also a luggage pass-through so you can easily slip this thing on to your trolly bag. Behind that, there is a secret medium-sized zipped pocket for all those items you don’t want to be stolen—passport, visa, extra cash, wallet, etc. Well, this section is also waterproof.

In terms of handles, there is a metal-coated handle on the top, which proved to be handy when you just need to grab the bag and move it a short distance.

Nayo Smart Almighty handle

The Nayo Smart Almighty also comes with an external USB charging port that can be used to charge your phone if you want to have a battery bank inside the main compartment of the bag.

Nayo Smart Almighty USB charging

Finally, there’s a zippered water bottle pocket on the left side of the bag. It’s not my favourite. While we like the look of it, water bottle jostle around quite a bit while you’re walking. But, it can easily manage the 500 to 750ml bottle.

Nayo Smart Almighty water pocket

If you are not satisfied with one bottle pocket, then don’t worry you have an insulation pocket on the left side that can accommodate a 500ml bottle. You can also put your favourite cold drink bottle or ice water in it. Its insulation coating keeps the bottle cool on a hot day (Wow! now I can bring this bag during my tennis practice).

Nayo Smart Almighty waterproof bottle holder

Inside The Pack

Alright, let’s open this baby up. The front top compartment is super quick and easy to access— It is a great spot for small items anything you want to grab quickly— Like Hanky, face mask, and hand sanitiser.

Nayo Smart Almighty front pocket

Behind it is a much larger compartment that opens up in a horseshoe style. The compartment goes all the way to the bottom of the backpack, creating a large, cavernous space you can fill with a good amount of stuff or gears.

Nayo Smart Almighty front second pocket

Inside of it, there are two slip pockets— there you can easily fit your phone, power bank, charger or small notebook. There’s also two pen holder. Finally, there’s a plastic key clip, which looks and feels premium compared to a lot of other key clips we’ve seen.

Nayo Almighty front main pocket

Now, let’s jump into the main compartment. This compartment opens all the way up clamshell style. It’s almost beyond clamshell, like a hyper-flexible clam doing a yoga backbend. This compartment itself has a nice tub shape which is incredibly easy to pack. There are two ways to access it and several ways to divide up space once you’re inside.

Nayo Almighty main compartment

On the backside, There’s a well-padded laptop sleeve with a stretchable secure belt. It can easily hold up to the 15.6-inch big laptop. There’s a dedicated pocket for a small notebook and iPad (up to 12 inches), two smaller pockets on either side of those. This is pretty slick for keeping all your work stuff organized.

Nayo Smart Almighty laptop pocket

On the top side, there is a large mesh divider pocket, which is pretty much a big empty space, which is great for filling with packing cubes. Yes, there are few secret zipped pockets as well – one at the bottom and two on the right side. Yes, there is a dedicated power bank holder and two stretchable holders for easy storage or you can also store your camera lenses there.

Nayo Smart Almighty main compartment

I like to mention that, the company provide a waterproof toiletry bag and a data cable storage bag, which you can also use for you daily need (like trimmer, toothbrush, or any other daily grooming stuff). So thanks to Nayo for saving my extra $19!

Nayo Smart Almighty free box

Overall, this main compartment has enough room you could easily keep enough clothes, toiletries, tech, and accessories inside for small to medium-sized trips (2 to 3 days). But it’s also capable to work well as a daily use backpack or office bag, thanks to its modern compact multi-use design form factor.

Nayo Smart Almighty review

Durability & Testing

After two weeks of testing on Indian roads and airport. That’s not to say the Nayo Smart Almighty is a bad backpack—in fact, it’s my favourite backpack and I really enjoyed to use. If you are a frequent business traveller or just a casual backpacker then you can definitely try this innovative multi-use Nayo Smart Almighty backpack.

So far, it’s been holding up really well durability-wise. We have no issues—major or minor—to report. The $135.00 is definitely worth this bag (extra 15% Off on checkout).

Nayo Smart Almighty Buy Now: Nayosmart.com

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