Jio Launches Made-In-India JioPages Browser With The Support Of Eight Indian languages

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Jio today announced the launch of the new made-in-India browser which is the JioPages browser and this is made with keeping privacy at the core of the browser. JioPages is made with the one of powerful Chromium Blink engines.

Jio said in a statement that it provides the user enhanced browsing experience by the faster engine migration, webpage rendering, faster page loads, efficient media streaming, Emoji domain support, and also the encrypted connection.

The Jio page browser also comes up with the support of the eight Indian languages that are Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali.

JioPages browser

The Key Features of the JioPages browser:-

1. Personalised Home Screen

Users have the choice of setting any of the top search engines in the marketplace like Google, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, or Duck Duck Go, as their default search engine optimization for the browser. USer have also the feature of pin down the hyperlinks of the favorite sites on the home display for fast and effortless access.

2. Personalized theme

Users also have the ability to select from a number of colorful background themes to get an improve browsing experience and also users can change to dark mode to get an eye-friendly viewing experience at night.

3. Personalised Content

The content feed is fully customized to match the user’s taste in terms of the language and the topic and region. Along with the JioPages sends notifications just on topics that are either so much important or of interest to the user.

4. Informative Cards

An Informative Card captures crucial numbers, trends, symbols, or headlines of a given topic, so let’s understand with the e.g. Like the stock market trends, commodity costs or cricket score, and display them as compact clickable banners on the screen.

5.Regional Content

The Browser also has the supports of eight Indian languages that are Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Bengali. Users also have the choice by which they can customizing the content feed with the preferred condition. The selecting of the states will start appearing on the screen of the popular sites with the use of the JioPages browser.

6. Advanced Download Manager

The browser has the feature to automatically categorizes downloads line according to the document type, Like the Picture, Video, Document, or Pages. This makes document management easier for the user and saves the time of the user.

7. Incognito Mode

The Incognito mode empowers the browsing by preventing browsing history from being saved in the computer system and also the user has the choice of placing a four-digit safety PIN or fingerprint-like access code for the Incognito mode in the JioPages browser.

8. Ad Blocker

The browser has also the best feature to blocks unsolicited ads and popups so that the user will get a seamless browsing experience.

How you can download JioPages browser in mobile:

Now the browser is only available in the Google PlayStore to download and also users can only download on Android smartphones.

In order to get the boost of5G bio is making the relationship in India with the Qualcomm Technologies Inc. and also along with the owned subsidiary Radisys Corporation on Tuesday, they have declared their enlarged attempts for 5G network options. This work is meant to quickly track and to be developed and roll from native 5G community infrastructure and services in India.

Qualcomm and Jio also declared that they have attained more than a 1 Gbps speed throughout the trials on the Jio 5G NR solution with Implementing the Qualcomm 5G RAN Platforms.

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