Flipkart acquires augmented reality company Scapic to For AR shopping capabilities

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These days online shopping is on new height and the huge surge in consumer preference to shop online, and that’s why Walmart-owned Flipkart just acquires augmented reality (AR) startup Scapic. The Flipkart will be acquiring a 100% stake in the Scapic and will be onboard the company’s team of experienced developers and designers.

The Scapic is a cloud-based platform which could be used to create and publish augmented reality and 3D content with a client that included e-commerce sites and marketing agencies. With their knowledge in AR products, Flipkart aims to provide improved camera experiences, virtual storefronts for their consumers.


Commenting on the launch, CEO Of Flipkart Group Kalyan Krishnamurthy, said:

“Today, consumer do more online shopping than ever have, and it has only accelerated this year. Customers now require better visuals of the product than ever before. Scapic is building visual technology that brings products to life using Augmented Reality and 3D visuals. Advancements by the Scapic team in the field of AI, Computer Vision and AR have made this change possible. Scapic’s no-code technology helps create immersive experiences across categories such as fashion, furniture & electronics. We are deeply excited about the opportunity that is being presented to scale this up further and make millions of consumers in India experience the potential of Augmented Reality.”

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