Amazon GameOn app to let mobile gamers shared gameplay clips directly from their phone.

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  • Amazon’s new GameOn mobile App allows mobile gamers to record mobile gameplay and share on their social media platform and streaming service.
  • The GameOn app allows users to easily create short videos of their game highlights, tips, and tricks.

Amazon just launched GameOne App which is a new service for mobile gamers for recording and sharing the game video. Now the mobile gamers can share game highlights, tips, and tricks and participate in weekly challenges through this app.

With the help of the GameOn App, you can create short videos of gameplay ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. You can also use the front camera to record intro/outro to customize game clips. Once you have recorded the clip that you can upload it to your GameOn public page and also can share on so many popular platforms like Discord, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

GameOn’s video clip creator is integrated on Android with over 1,000 games including PUBG Mobile, Crossy Road, Gardens, Fishdom, Angry Birds 2, Final Fantasy Brave Axis, War Robot, and Property Brothers Home Design. The company is also promising that the app will be going to support more games in the future.

Amazon GameOn App

The Amazon GameOne app will allow you to record clips in two modes that are Classic and Recall. The classic mode starts recording. Recall recording mode will allow you to save the last minutes of the game when you choose to do so. Then, you have the option to set the time window before saving the last clip.

To participate in the challenges, First, you should go to the selected challenges section of the application. And there you will see this week’s challenge and clips submitted by other players. The clip with the most votes wins the challenge. For example, one of the challenges this week is winning a PUBG mobile game where the area of the game is so small that the entire perimeter can be seen on the screen.

The app is now available to download on Android for gamers in the US and is also coming to iOS soon. However, you can watch clips from the web version regardless of region. We can expect global availability of this app in the future.


Here is the link from Play Store:- Play Store

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