Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone Review

Fire Boltt Dream Smartwatch Review, Don’t Waste Your Money

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The Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone is an Android smartwatch with 4G SIM connectivity. It’s priced at around 7,000 INR in the Indian market. But, if you’re looking to buy more than just 4-5 smartwatches, you can order this same smartwatch from Alibaba for about 3000-4000 Rs. Yes, and they’ll even let you customize the branding if you buy in bulk.

I’ve been testing this smartwatch for the last two days, and now I feel really depressed. I don’t know what this is: a smartwatch or a toy smartphone. So, without wasting any more time – and after having already wasted my 7000 Rs, here is my honest Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone review.

Fire-Boltt Dream WristPhone

3,999 Rs6,999 Rs
1.4 out of 5

The cons list is quite long compared to the pros, so I can’t recommend this Fire-Boltt Dream WristPhone to anyone. It’s honestly a waste of money.

Design2 out of 5
Build2.5 out of 5
Display2 out of 5
Performance1.5 out of 5
Comfort1 out of 5
Battery Life1 out of 5
Features2 out of 5
Accuracy1 out of 5
Connectivity1.2 out of 5
Value for Money1.5 out of 5
LikeDecent Look
Don’t LikeVery Poor batteryAverage displayBulkyAverage performanceHeating ProblemUnoptimized OS SkinNot For Health TrakingPoor HardwareConnectivity Problem
Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone Buy

Fire-Boltt Dream WristPhone Specification:

Display2.02″ IPS, 320 x 386, 600 nits, 60-60FPS
OSAndroid 8.1
CPU, RAM, StorageCortex A53, 2GB RAM, 15GB Storage
Wi-FiYes, Only 2.4Ghz
BluetoothYes, BT 5.0
SensorsHeart Rate Sensor, BD1662 Ultra Low Power Consumption, High Precision Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Detection Sensor, Pedometer, 3D G-Sensor
Battery800 mAH (I doubt it), Up to one day

Box Content

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone Unboxing
  • Watch
  • Charging Cable
  • Paper Work

Design, Build & Comfort

Let’s start with the pros – the look and build quality can be considered one and one only advantages. Although the design seems like a copy of the Apple Watch, you could call it ‘Apple-inspired’. That being said, about 70% of budget smartwatches tend to have a similar design, so there’s nothing particularly unique here. However, it doesn’t look bad by any means.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone design

The build quality of the Fire Boltt Dream is decent. It has a metal chassis, which makes it feel solid and durable. The comfort offered by the Fire Boltt Dream is just average. The reason behind the worst comfort is its bulkiness; the total weight of the Dream Watch is around 64 grams.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone design

However, the new Apple Watch Ultra is also bulky at 62 grams, but that Ultra Watch has one of the best designs and weight distribution, so you don’t really feel it. But that’s not the case with the Fire Boltt Dream – the weight distribution isn’t as good, which can make it uncomfortable after a while. Wearing it 24/7 could be a challenging task.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone build

On the brighter side, the good-quality straps add a bit of comfort. It’s good to see that the smartwatch has various strap options, so you can choose what feels comfortable. Plus, they’re detachable and have the same design and size common in most budget watches nowadays. This means you can easily find replacements or different styles in the after-market if needed.


Talking about the display, my feelings are quite mixed. It comes with a 2-inch IPS panel featuring a 60Hz refresh rate and a brightness of up to 600 nits. The quality of the display is just okay – not great, but considering the price, it’s acceptable. Resolution-wise, it feels like there’s been a compromise.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone display

Now, even though it claims to have decent brightness, it doesn’t quite give you the punch you’d expect from 600 nits – it feels less. As for the 60Hz refresh rate, it’s hard to notice because of the powerless laggy interface. So, with such lag, you can’t really tell that it’s a 60Hz display.

And it doesn’t have features like an always-on display, auto-brightness, or automatic activity detection. Wallpaper options are also quite limited, and you need the option to have custom watch faces.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone display


Let’s talk about the first cons, the performance. The Fire Boltt Dream packs a quad-core Cortex A52 chipset, with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. Keep in mind that out of that 16GB, about 5-6GB is reserved for system use.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone performance

The operating system is Android 8.1 with a custom skin – and remember, it’s regular Android OS, not Android Wear OS. There’s a big difference between the two. Most people don’t know about this. The Wear OS is a patch that sits on top of Android, and it’s well-optimized with loads of features tailored for smartwatches, which you won’t find in the Fire Boltt Dream. To be honest, this is a big compromise. It might not even make sense to buy this smartwatch.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone Review

When you use this smartwatch, it feels like you’re using a normal smartwatch, but with a tiny 2-inch screen. It lacks that true smartwatch feel because it doesn’t have Wear OS or any other dedicated wearable operating system. And since it has a custom skin, it might never get updated.

Since it’s Android, you do get access to the Play Store and can download practically any app like you would on a phone – YouTube, Google Maps, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, anything really. But the problem is, neither the processor is very powerful nor the OS optimized, so using apps feels really slow and laggy. After a while, you don’t feel like using it for anything. Another issue is that it heats up pretty quickly, which is another big problem.

Fire Boltt Dream

I tried playing games on it too. Forget about heavy games like Free Fire or PUBG; even playing something as simple as Temple Run is tough because the touchscreen isn’t very responsive, so it’s not enjoyable. I think you could maybe play some very basic games on it.

Fitness Tracking

However, the biggest drawback I found in this Fire Boltt Dream smartwatch is its fitness tracking capabilities. And this is where it becomes clear that this isn’t really a smartwatch – honestly, I’m not sure what to call it. By default, it offers very few fitness tracking options. Only heart rate monitoring, walking, running, and some basic sports modes are available. The fitness data provided on this tracking are also very basic (almost non-existent). The continuous heart rate tracking, spo2, sleep monitoring, and auto activity detection like basic fitness features are also not available in Fire Boltt Dream.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone performance

If you want sleep monitoring, SpO2, or detailed reports, then you must download third-party apps from the Google Play Store. However, even this is fine. For example, you could download Google Fit, but syncing data properly is hit or miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – that’s another problem.

The hardware sensors are also not very promising either. Heart rate tracking is somewhat okay, but step tracking is inaccurate. While no doubt 100% accuracy isn’t possible, but the error margin here is more than 25-30%. So, if fitness tracking is your main priority, I suggest not buying this smartwatch at any cost (even for free).

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone performance

For sleep tracking, I downloaded the ‘Sleep Cycle’ app from the Play Store. Yes, it worked, but sadly, I couldn’t successfully complete sleep tracking due to the poor battery life of my Fire Boltt Dream smartwatch. Here’s the full story: With 95% battery life at 2 AM, I went to bed. When I woke up at 8 AM, I found that the watch battery was dead at 5 AM, so I couldn’t successfully track my sleep. I could try again the next day, but I don’t trust the battery life of this smartwatch, and I don’t want to waste my valuable time on this useless product.


The battery life of the Fire Boltt Dream could be better. The main reason behind the poor battery life is the unoptimized operating system. So, if you’re a heavy or even moderate user, then Fire Boltt Dream might barely make it through a single day on a full charge. You’ll need to charge it every day or twice in a single day. However, the charging time isn’t bad – it gets fully charged in under 2 hours.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone Battery

Wi-Fi, 4G SIM, Bluetooth

Let’s talk about connectivity – this Fireboltt Dream is equipped with GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi and even offers the option for 4G SIM card connectivity, which is one of its prime selling points. The Bluetooth is an older 4.2 version, and the Wi-Fi only supports the 2.4GHz band, not the 5GHz one.

But overall, I didn’t have any solid complaints about the connectivity. I used it with a 4G SIM, and there weren’t any issues with network or data speeds (acceptable speed for the smartwatch), and even Wi-Fi and Bluetooth worked fine. The only thing you need to know is that a 4G SIM will drain the battery even faster. And one more thing, the watch also has a GPS.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone call quality

As for the calling experience, I don’t know if it was just with my watch, but the speaker wasn’t working. The microphone worked fine, but I couldn’t really test how calls would sound without a working speaker. After spending three days with this smartwatch, it can’t replace your smartphone.

Fire Boltt Dream WristPhone call quality

Please note that there is no companion app support for Fire Boltt Dream. Therefore, features such as integrating your phone to access notifications, calls, messages, etc., are impossible.

Fire Boltt Dream Worth To Buy? Alternative?

Simple Answer – ‘ Big No’

The cons list is quite long compared to the pros, so I can’t recommend this Fire-Boltt Dream WristPhone to anyone. It’s honestly a waste of money. If you truly want a good smartwatch, consider adding more money to your budget of 7000 INR and going for the Galaxy Watch 4 instead. It gives you a Wear OS experience and decently accurate fitness tracking. There’s not a big price difference – you can get it easily for around 9000 INR, and sometimes with bank discounts, it may even drop to 6000-7000 INR.

The SIM card variant of the Galaxy Watch is more expensive, but believe me, you don’t need that. The normal variant is just fine. Alternatively, you’re better off buying a basic smartwatch from brands like Amazfit, Realme, or Xiaomi. They’re much cheaper than this one and will serve your fitness tracking and basic needs well.

So, this was my Fire-Boltt Dream WristPhone honest review. I hope you found this review helpful. You can also check out our dedicated list of the best smartwatches under 10000, 5000 or 3000 Rs to make buying the best and latest smartwatch.

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