Finally, Discord Adds Threaded Messaging On Community Server

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Conversations on Discord just got a lot more organized. Back in May 2021, when the company introduced its Stage Discovery feature, that time Discord also hinted on Twitter at releasing threaded discussions. Now, threaded Messaging is finally here, and the company described exactly how they’ll work in a post on the Discord blog.

From now, any server with “community” features enabled will be able to transform messages into threaded conversations across desktop, web, and mobile apps. Threads are designated by their own subject name, making it easy to compartmentalize and off-topic ideas into their own mini-conversation.

How to Start a Thread on Discord

You can convert a message into a thread by tapping on the “#” button that appears (near the edit and reaction icon) when you hover your mouse over messages or pressing the plus sign in the chat bar and choosing “create a thread.”

You can also see all the threads you’re currently taking part in on the sidebar when you open a thread from a chat channel log. It will open up into a split-view pane instead of taking over the full screen so you can follow both conversations at the same time.

Threads messages will auto-archive after 24 hours of inactivity — the idea behind the time limit is to keep channels clutter-free, according to the platform.


If you are on Servers that are boosted through Discord’s premium features (Discord Nitro) will also be able to create private threads that don’t show up in the channel list. The private threads only appear to members who are manually added to them or mentioned by name within a thread.

According to Discord, the idea behind designing private threads is that users could hold the group conversations without adding each person in the conversation as a friend, a feature that may be a boon to moderators looking to have one-on-one or small group chats more easily.

The server moderators also are able to designate who can create threads within a channel. All channel members have permission to use private threads, manage threads, or just be allowed to use public threads. Threads will work the same way regular channels do for moderation bots.

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