Facebook unveils cloud gaming service For Android Mobile Gamers

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Facebook has introduced a new cloud gaming service that will allow users to stream free Android games through Facebook.com and from the Facebook Android app. In an official blog post, the company said that all games streamed in the cloud can be played in the same way as now games on Facebook, either in our games tab or from the news feed.

The first set of games available this week includes are:-

  • Asphalt 9: Legends by Gameloft
  • Monton Mobile Legends: Adventure by Moonton
  • PGA Tour Golf Shootout from Concrete Software, Inc.
  • Solitaire: Arthur Tell from Kublix Games
  • WWE SuperCard from 2K Games.

The company also has plans to addDirt Bike UnchainedĀ by Red Bull in the coming weeks. Additionally, the company says it will continue to test new experiences and further expand the ongoing sports library.

The games can normally be played without any additional hardware or controller. Because they are all compatible with keyboards and mice on the desktop. The service is only starting in beta on Android and on the web. The company specifically says that it won’t be available on iOS anytime soon. Blaming Apple’s “new cloud gaming policy” for its decision to justify the iOS bug, Facebook said launching the service on the App Store might not be a viable future path.

However the company also stated that the service may be available on iPhones through a web browser, but there is no official schedule yet. They said that stay tuned because we are the best way for people to play games when and how they play.

Here is the link for Facebookā€™s new cloud gaming service :- Ā fb.gg/play.

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