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EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard Review | Value For Money.

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Most PC gamers out there understand the necessity of a high-end gaming keyboard and are ready to open their pockets for a bit more advantage while games like PUBG or CSGO. But, not all games require a really expensive gaming keyboard. If you’re not a hardcore gunslinger, then even an entry-level membrane gaming keyboard would suffice your needs.

Luckily, there are a ton of options out there, and buying a decent gaming keyboard without breaking your bank is totally possible. In fact, Amkette’s sub-brand EvoFox recently introduced a new budget gaming keyboard ‘ EvoFox Warhammer ‘, according to me, could be your next purchase if you’re looking to buy a budget gaming keyboard.

With the price tag of Rs.1099, the EvoFox Warhammer definitely takes the cake for being value for money gaming keyboard in the Indian market. However, it costs just about the same when compared with most other gaming keyboards. So, is the EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard really worth pulling out your wallets for? Well, here are my thoughts.


  • Keyboard size: Standard, Numpad included (104-keys)
  • Keyboard backlighting: Single Zone, Breathing Effect
  • Switch type: Membrane
  • Ghost Keys: 19
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: Wide – 44.5, Length – 15 cm, Height – 5 cm
  • Cable length: 1.5m
  • Weight: 636g
  • Warranty: 1 year

Box Content

After you have purchased the EvoFox Warhammer gaming keyboard, the first thing that you would go through is the in-box contents. In addition to the keyboard, you get a warranty card, some paperwork, and 2 branding stickers from EvoFox. That’s all for the in-box contents.

EvoFox Warhammer review

My First Impression: Design & Build

Coming to the design part, the keyboard looks pretty simple, yet it looks elegant. If you are not a fan of fancy design, oversaturated, and unwanted colors, then you might like the EvoFox Warhammer gaming keyboard. The company has kept a simple design, and it might not be a bad thing, even when we are talking about a gaming keyboard here. The keyboard features the Evo Fox branding right above the arrow keys, and the Space Bar features the Fox logo, which looks good, especially with the background RGB lighting. The keyboard features metal in its top section that not only makes the keyboard durable but also adds to the looks of the keyboard. The keyboard weighs about 650 grams, and the additional weight is primarily because of the metallic additions that also prevent the keyboard from slipping on your desk. You also get dual foldable kickstands that allow you to adjust the position of the keyboard in a way that suits your needs the most.

EvoFox Warhammer review

The layout of the keyboard is good enough, and being a gaming keyboard, you get a dedicated numeric pad on the right-hand side. The layout of the keys makes the keyboard easy to operate, and you would not find any inconvenience when it comes to operating the keyboard. The size of the keys is what you get on a regular keyboard, and there is sufficient spacing between the keys as well. The keys have good travel to them, and you do not need to press them hard to register the keys. The keyboard is of medium size, and it would not occupy a lot of space on your desk.

EvoFox Warhammer

It is worth noting that this gaming keyboard does not feature dedicated media controls, and to be honest, it would be a bit too much to expect the same from a keyboard in this price segment. Although, you would not miss the dedicated media controls a lot, because you get integrated media controls, that work just well, and will get you through your gaming sessions with ease. The keyboard also contains over 19 Anti-Ghosting keys with a Windows Lock that can be used to disable the Windows key, a feature that might come of great help to you during your gaming sessions.

Amkette EvoFox Warhammer review

The keys are backlit, and they arrive with the Rainbow Backlight Effect that looks really great, you also have the option to reduce the brightness of the light (3 levels) or completely turn it off. You also have the breathing effect, which you can turn on/off using Fn + Dedicated LED button. Keep in mind, you only have two options on led light – breathing effect and single-zone rainbow effect.

Amkette EvoFox Warhammer cable

Coming to indicators, you get three of them: Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Windows Lock on the top side, whereas on the bottom end, you get dual rubber pads, to make sure your hands don’t slip. The keyboard would pair with your PC with the help of a 1.5-meter braided cable, that is of good quality. Therefore, you need not worry about the strength, and durability of the cable.

Amkette EvoFox Warhammer review

EvoFox Warhammer: Keys

The EvoFox Warhammer makes the use of floating keys, which does not look that good when looked at from the sides, but the situation changes when the background LED lights to turn on. In addition to the looks, the floating keys also make it easier for you to keep the keyboard, and keys clean which would surely help you in the long run. When it comes to cleaning, you would not require any specialized cleaning tools or solvents. Just take a clean cloth or a regular brush, and your cleaning job will be completed just fine.

Amkette EvoFox Warhammer keys

It is worth noting that the company does not state whether the Warhammer keyboard is spillproof or not, and by the looks of it, we can safely say that it is not. To be honest, it would be a bit unfair to expect the company to provide a spillproof keyboard in this price segment. However, the floating keys and the unique design of the keys might add some level of water protection. It is worth noting that some level of protection does not mean that it is spillproof, and the safest option would be to try to avoid spilling your drinks on this keyboard.

Amkette EvoFox Warhammer keys

EvoFox Warhammer: Gaming and Typing Experience

Let’s now talk about the real deal: How’s the gaming and typing experience on the EvoFox Warhammer gaming keyboard? I have personally used this keyboard for over two days, and I have used it for both gaming, and typing purposes.

During our time with this keyboard, I did not face any difficulties, especially during gaming. The keys are very smooth, and I did not have to put a lot of pressure when pressing them. While using, it felt like the brand has made use of rubber in the bottom end of the membrane switches, which kind of explains the smoothness and softness of the keys. The keys have a travel distance of approximately 3 to 4 mm, and it provides you with that sense of satisfaction whenever you press them. The presence of 19 Anti-Ghost keys, with over 12 keys for multimedia purposes really helps a lot, especially when you are gaming. The EvoFox Warhammer might prove to be a great gaming keyboard not only for beginners but also for professional gamers who are looking for a budget option.

EvoFox Warhammer review

Coming to response time, we do not have any official information, as the company has not revealed anything about the same. However, speaking from my personal experience, I can say that the response time must be under 4-5ms, which is more than good for a keyboard in this price segment. The sound of the keystrokes is quite satisfying, and during our testing, I really enjoyed the sound. If you want to hear the sample keystroke sound, check out the video posted on our YouTube channel, after all, you cannot judge a gaming keyboard completely without hearing the keystroke sound, can you?


The EvoFox Warhammer by Amkette is completely worthy of being your first membrane keyboard. Given the low cost, it provides all the basic features and bling you’d expect on a budget gaming keyboard. At the price of Rs.1099, more interested gamers will be able to afford one and upgrade from the normal keyboard. On the EvoFox Warhammer, you get a metal top, 12 inbuilt media keys, an LED backlight with breathing effect, and 19 ghost keys support. It will take care of all your gaming requirements unless you’re highly dependent on macros since that’s one feature missing on this Evofox gaming keyboard. Software support is also absent but you don’t really need it since the lighting effects can be controlled with the onboard keys. Gaming or typing, you can comfortably use this gaming keyboard for both use-cases. The floating keys used on Warhammer are clicky and tactile. Overall, I didn’t find any negative aspects or compromise in build quality and performance on the keyboard. With an attractive price, the EvoFox Warhammer could be a great addition to your gaming arsenal.

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