EvoFox Deathray TKL Review

EvoFox Deathray TKL Review, Best RGB Gaming Keyboard Under 1000 Rs?

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EvoFox Deathray TKL Review

Meet the EvoFox Deathray TKL— a budget-friendly RGB gaming keyboard with a price tag of around 950 Rs. It’s currently making waves on Amazon, securing a spot in the top best-selling list under 1000 Rs. And that’s why I decided to try this gaming keyboard.

So, is the EvoFox Deathray TKL worth considering for your gaming setup? Let me share my thoughts after putting it to the test.

EvoFox Deathray TKL Specifications

  • Keyboard size: TKL (87-keys)
  • Keyboard backlighting: Multi Zone, Breathing & Rainbow Effect, Custom Effect
  • Switch type: Membrane
  • Ghost Keys: 19
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: –
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • Weight: 485g
  • Warranty: 1 year

Design & Build

This is a TKL-style membrane keyboard. You probably know that TKL means it doesn’t have a numpad. It has only 87 keys, and that’s why it is very compact and lightweight compared to a full-size keyboard. And that’s precisely why many users prefer the TKL-style gaming keyboard. Gamers, in particular, don’t really miss the numeric keypad much. Sure, simulation games might be an exception, but for the most use, it’s not something you’d find yourself desperately needing.

EvoFox Deathray TKL design

Well, I did mention it’s a lightweight keyboard, but if we focus on the TKL form factor, it’s not excessively light. That’s because its build quality is pretty solid, adding a bit of weight. I’ve tried several gaming keyboards in this price range, including a couple from EvoFox, but overall, I’m impressed with the build quality of this one, especially considering the price. Such a robust build is quite rare in this price range, not just for gaming but also for regular keyboards.

EvoFox Deathray TKL design

It has a 1.8m long braided cable that’s not prone to tangling. The quality is impressive, so you can count on it being durable. There’s no mention of a waterproof rating, though. Maybe it has some basic protection, but it’s not explicitly stated, so you could add that to the cons list of the EvoFox Deathray TKL.

EvoFox Deathray TKL design


The coolest feature has to be its RGB backlight—true RGB prism lighting that, as usual, offers a whopping 16 million colours. Being a budget gaming keyboard, you won’t get software control or extensive RGB customization options. But fear not; you can still get many RGB customization options with combinations of keys. There are seven preset RGB effects, including everyone’s favourites like Rainbow and Breathing effects. On top of that, there’s the option to set a custom RGB effect.

EvoFox Deathray TKL RGB

You’ve control the brightness and speed adjustments for the lights, and you can even turn off the RGB if it’s not your vibe. So yes, regarding RGB, this keyboard gives you many customization options—something you don’t often find in gaming keyboards within this price range.

EvoFox Deathray TKL build

The overall RGB backlight on the EvoFox Deathray looks pretty impressive. It doesn’t look very overpowered, which is a common issue in many budget gaming keyboards. So, from any angle, it doesn’t give off that cheap feel. You could even compare its RGB with some premium gaming keyboards, and it holds its own. So, without a doubt, this EvoFox Deathrayd’s RGB adds a nice touch, giving off that true gaming vibe.

EvoFox Deathray TKL RGB

Gaming and Typing Experience

The keys on this keyboard are pleasantly soft, highly responsive, and comfortable to use. The best part, in my opinion, is that it’s remarkably silent—almost noiseless. Despite being a TKL keyboard, there’s a decent space between the keys, so you won’t face any issues while using it. The layout prevents accidental key presses, making it suitable for gaming and high-speed writing or programming.

EvoFox Deathray TKL review

Moreover, it’s comfortable for extended use, and yes, it comes with 19 Anti-Ghosting keys. You also get a Windows lock feature, inbuilt media keys, and three dedicated volume keys. I tested it out for 2-3 hours, and my overall experience with this keyboard was quite satisfying.


So, if you’re looking for a decent RGB gaming keyboard under 1000 Rs, the Evofox Deathray TKL should be at the top of your list. Performance-wise, most gaming keyboards in this price range are similar, but this one stands out with its cool-looking RGB, solid build and good-quality switches. Considering the price, I didn’t find any significant cons worth noting. So, if you’re inclined, you can make this budget gaming keyboard yours.

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EvoFox Deathray TKL Review
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