India Also Needs To Do This, China Will Ban Digital Content That “Induces Addiction” in Kids & Teenagers

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The Chinese government introducing new strict laws to keep its youth and kids safe from getting addicted to online digital content. According to Chinese media, the government has recently voted for the upgrade to the previous digital content law by which the children and teenagers would be away from digital content which “induce addiction” in them.

As we all know that the addiction to digital content in the world is so much extremely dangerous and especially for kids. As we have seen many cases in which addiction to mobile games like PUBG has led players to rob and also even to take their own lives.

Thus, with the debut of the new legislation, China would like to fix this matter once and for all. Based on reports, the updated law will ban certain online services and goods which contribute to addiction in youngsters. Additionally, major social websites, live-stream providers, and game programmers will need to incorporate exceptional features in their services and products to set intake and time limits for the youngster to play and use.

From this all, Also with the new law, there will be special laws for the kids and their parents to reduce cyber-bullying in the country. this law will also provide the parents to ask the internet providers to take “necessary actions” in any case of cyber-bullying. If they find any inappropriate content online which is against this they can straight up and block or delete it from the web completely.

As of the report, the law will start on June 1, 2021, in the country. With this, the game developer and the live-stream services will have to take some special measures in order to prevent its users from getting addicted to their content.

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