Truecaller latest update is able to detect why someone is calling you

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Truecaller has brought the latest update to its Caller ID so that you can check the why someone is calling you. The new feature allows the users can see the person that they are calling you at which reason as to why they are doing so. It is called ‘Call Reason’ features by Truecaller, which will help the users to set a specific reason for a call so that the receiver on the other end might easily get accepted the call if the call is very urgent, emergency and personal or business-related.

As the company’s official website blog post claimed, the Call Reason update has been provided due to public demand by users on social media. therefore, the company does expect that this new update will integrate the call pickup rates as users will be able to see the main reason for any anonymous incoming calls.

Truecaller latest update

Truecaller’s latest features are currentl available for Android users across the world. And they are playing to launch this for the iPhone users early next year. Two additional features for the android users are they will able to send scheduled SMS messages using Google’s machine learning-focused ML Kit which ability to immediately understand incoming messages directly.

Its latest features ‘Call Reason’ is very similar to the recently released update by Google not too long, which was called ‘Verified Calls’. Along with these features, Truecaller is planning to further increase the contact of its users in the next 2021 year. They are also planning to present this feature that only verified customers can set the call reason for when they want to call customers and verified businesses to better reach of customers and ensure make a better relationship between Truecaller users.

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