Realme Beard Trimmer Plus Review

Realme Beard Trimmer Plus Review (RMH2017) With Pros & Cons.

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Review Overview

In recent years the variety of trimmers in the market have seen exponential growth, and with each new product launched the stiffness of the competition has raised its bar.

Today we are going to talk about the Realme Beard Trimmer Plus variant, which bags a price tag of Rs 2000. Realme Beard Trimmer also has a regular variant which is tagged Rs 1299. . The new Realme Beard Trimmer comes with some amazing features, like an IPX7 Waterproof body, 40 length settings, and 120 min of running time, and much more. After using it for a few days, here is our full review of this Realme beard trimmer.

Realme Beard Trimmer Plus Specification:

  • Colour – Black
  • 40 length Settings
  • 120 min Runtime
  • 800mah Battery
  • 6400 RPM Motor
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Type- C Charging Port
  • Corded & Cordless
  • IPX7 Water-Resistant

Box Content

The Realme Beard Trimmer Plus comes with a Medium size box in Yellow with the branding of Realme. Now inside the box, we have quite a few items to look forward to –

  • User menual
  • Lubrication oil
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB to Type-C Charger
  • Carrying case
  • Two Blades-One Normal size Blade and One Small Precision Blade
  • Two Combs-One 10mm and One 20mm
  • Trimmer in Black colour

Design, Build Quality & Comfort

Honestly, it is one of the best-looking trimmers out in the market. The Black color with silver lining makes it Premium looking, and not only that it doesn’t feel like a trimmer of under 2000 Rs when you are holding to it as well. The combination of Metal and Plastic has been perfectly utilized which adds to its Pros as well. The Weight is also adequately balanced along with a comfortable shape so that it does not ruin your experience while trimming. The Thumb area on the top is kept soft which provides a better grip. These are tiny details but all these details make it a better product in comparison with its rivals.

Overall, it has superb build quality and comfort along with one of the best-looking trimmers out there.

Waterproof Test

The Realme Beard Trimmer Plus comes with a Standard IPX7 Waterproof rating which means it can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. This only increases the value of the product in its segment with all the other pros mentioned above.

Real Word Experience

Specs of a product are one side of a coin and the Day to Day Experience is the other side of the coin, so it’s time to discuss how it goes in day-to-day use, the Real World experience.

The Realme Beard Trimmer plus consists of a total of 40 different length settings with a precision of 0.5mm and it is very easy to adjust the length. The good thing is you have 2 different combs so from 1mm to 10mm setting the small comb comes handy where’s from 10mm to 20mm the regular size comb does the job, this it is really helpful for maintaining a particular size of the beard as it provides more variance in comparison to other trimmers in the same segment. The only drawback here is the quality of the combs is not that good, it seems they are easily breakable so more care needs to be given, But the good thing is they can be purchased from the Realme service center without any difficulty. Now the quality of the blade is very good, it is stainless steel, self sharping blade and it is skin-friendly. In cases if you need replacement of blade or any warranty related issue it can be easily availed as Realme service centers are available all over the places in India, this is the benefit of owning products of popular established brands.


Talking about Performance, it has a motor which rotates at 6400RPM which is very powerful and you can feel that while trimming also the total time required in trimming is faster, so with this, you can start late and still finish on time. The overall experience for me has been great, the blade does its job quite nicely and I hadn’t faced any problem till now. You can adjust the corners with the small precision blade, it comes in very handy.


It has an inbuilt battery of 800mah which gives you 2 hours of Backup time, if you use the trimmer alternatively 5 minutes a day then it will provide you at least 1 month of Battery backup. Also to add on it, you get a USB to Type – C charging cable which eases things as mostly nowadays type C cable is available for everything and in times of desperate need or if you are traveling although 1-month battery back will sustain for your entire trip but considering an extreme situation you could still charge it using other type C charger of different accessories. It also supports fast charging and you can also use it while charging. Charging and battery indication light is also provided in front for user convenience. There is one added feature that makes it even better, pressing the power button for a longer time period unlocks travel mode.

Final Word

So Overall, you already might have got it by now that this is a value for money product. A stylish, premium, with the good build quality, multi-functionality, skin-friendly, Good battery backup plus a lot of things at Rs 2000 is a go-to product, although you can consider Realme Beard Trimmer also because it has all the qualities as well except only 20 length settings and a few which were mentioned above.

In comparison with Philips BT3221 and Mi Trimmer at this price point, I would go for the Realme Beard Trimmer Plus as it beats both Philips and Mi and takes a lead in this segment. For more info please check the Realme Beard Trimmer Plus review on our Youtube channel Geekman.

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