Poco X3 Pro Explodes After Fully Charging; Poco India Lays Blame Firmly On The Customer

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The smartphones have improved drastically over time, and they are now more powerful than ever before. They have become an inseparable part of our lives, and imagining a life without a smartphone seems almost impossible now. But there are instances when mobile phones can be a potential hazard, as they can catch fire, and explode in our arms. We all have heard several instances of a phone exploding in the past, and these incidents have been occurring regularly in the past few months. Just a month ago, we heard about a OnePlus Nord 2 battery exploding, and this time, it’s a Poco X3 pro that is on fire. 

The unfortunate event was reported by Aman Bharadwaj, who shared this incident on his Twitter handler. Aman wrote that his Poco X3 Pro that he purchased two months earlier, exploded after it caught fire. Aman said that this incident took place right after he disconnected his phone from charging. In his post, Aman wrote that his phone was fully charged before he disconnected it. Hardly five minutes later, when the phone was laying on his bed, it caught fire and exploded. Fortunately, no one was harmed during this incident. 

Aman also posted some pictures of the exploded phone along with the receipt of the purchase. By having a look at the pictures, it seems like the battery swelled up before it exploded. The back panel looks completely destroyed in the pictures, although nothing can be said about the front side of the phone. The user also said that after the incident, he contacted the official Poco customer care handle on Twitter. Poco has already responded to the user’s tweet, although no action has been taken by the company yet. 


In its defence, Poco said that its smartphones have to pass a wide variety of quality checks before it is released. However, the Lithium-ion batteries are quite volatile, and you cannot predict which battery can explode or when. In April this year, we heard about a Poco X3 that went in flames, only about 5 months after purchase. With this latest incident, it’s the second phone in the Poco X3 lineup that has exploded in the past six months. 

Although you can not determine when your phone will explode, you can still follow some precautionary measures. Do not leave your phone on charging overnight, and do not wait for the battery level to fall completely before charging it again regularly. Remove the phone from charging if you find the back panel to be heating, and if the problem persists, you should take your phone to an authorized service center. 

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