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Review Overview

Noise has launched one more smartwatch in the market with the name Noise ColorFit Ultra. The company has already launched a lot of smartwatches in India, and most of them come with almost the same name, so it can be confusing for one to remember the model. Noise ColorFit Ultra comes at a price point of Rs.4,499 which you might find to be more considering the features it offers. The features on this watch aren’t unique and you might find all the smartwatches coming with the same features. There are a few plus points about this smartwatch but you will have to make a lot of compromises on the watch. So if you want to buy this watch, then you should consider reading this article first. This is a review article of the Noise ColorFit Ultra. Here we will be discussing various features of this smartwatch to help you decide whether you should go for this Noise smartwatch or not.

Box Content

You get all the regular stuff inside the box that you see with other smartwatches. Given below is the box content of this smartwatch

  • Noise ColorFit Ultra Smartwatch
  • Charging port
  • Paperwork (which includes a warranty card and user manual)
Noise ColorFit Ultra box content

Design, Build, And Comfort

I like the design and build of this smartwatch. We won’t be comparing it to premium smartwatches, but the rectangular all-blackout curved display with a metallic body gives it a premium and unique look. The watch comes in three color variants- black, blue, and gray.

Noise ColorFit Ultra Review

The in-hand experience of this watch is quite good. It doesn’t feel big and bulky so the watch won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing for too long. Coming with an aluminum body, the watch doesn’t feel heavy. Weight management of the watch makes it feel lightweight. You will find the watch quite comfortable with day-to-day use.

Noise ColorFit Ultra review

The straps are made up of silicon, which is also of good quality, and feel comfortable when you wear the watch. There is nothing to complain about when it comes to the design and build of this smartwatch. Yes, this smartwatch looks premium and stylish, which is something rare to see in this price range.

Noise ColorFit Ultra design

Display Quality

Noise ColorFit Ultra features a 1.75-inch Trueview LCD display. There are large bezels on the sides, but because the watch goes all blackout when the screen is off, you won’t notice it. The resolution of the screen is 320x385pixels. The display is quite bright and the view angle on this one is also better. The color production of the watch is also good.

Noise ColorFit Ultra display quality

You get to see three levels of brightness on this smartwatch, but there is no auto-brightness setting on this one. You can call the display to be the plus point of this display.

Noise ColorFit Ultra design

Watch Faces And Watch UI

Talking about the watch faces, the smartwatch has 4-5 in-built watch faces. With the app, you can get 100+ watch faces for this one. More watch faces will be added to the app which can be set on the watch. The design of the watch face is good which adapts with the screen of the smartwatch. Moreover, you can create your custom watch face for this smartwatch.

Noise ColorFit Ultra Watch Faces

The UI of the watch feels quite similar to the previous version of Noise Smartwatch. There is a button on the right that will work as a power on/off button as well as the back button. The display is a touch screen display so you can access everything by touching the display. The watch UI has a clean look. Moreover, it is easy to use with simple navigation gestures. You can access all the features and options on the smartwatch by swiping top, bottom, left, and right on the screen.

Noise ColorFit Ultra Ui

In my opinion, the overall color scheme of the UI feels old school. The icons of the features are also not very attractive.


The smartwatch offers all the basic fitness features like daily activity tracking, SpO2 tracking, sleep tracking, stress tracking, continuous heart rate tracking, and various sports modes. You get to see around 60 different sports modes on this one. Apart from basic fitness features, the watch has features like the on-screen message, music control, camera control, quick stock watch, world clock, and various others. Moreover, there is a message quick reply feature. However, you won’t find this feature to be much useful in day-to-day usage.

Noise ColorFit Ultra ui

The watch has a stock tracking feature as well, which can be quite useful if you are a stock trader. Apart from that, you can also enable water drink alerts and hand washes reminders on this watch. This smartwatch offers all the basic fitness features, but that isn’t all that matters because accuracy, stability, and battery life are also important when selecting a smartwatch.

Noise Fit App Review

You will have to connect the Noise ColorFit Ultra smartwatch to the Noise Fit app to set it up and access all the features of the watch. Using this app you can customize the watch as per your preference and access various features of the application. The app is available for both Android and iOS phones, so you can download it on any of your mobile devices. You can access all the basic fitness features of the watch from this app. You will find all the settings of the watch from this app, and all of them work perfectly. The app also has support for Google Fit to enhance fitness tracking. However, you might notice some bugs like frequent disconnection and such others. There are no major bugs, and it is expected that these bugs will get fixed with future updates. The app works without any issue, and if you ignore the bugs, you won’t face any problems while using this app.

Noise ColorFit Ultra app


Accuracy is an important aspect of the smartwatch. I have tested everything on this smartwatch including sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking, stress tracking, and various other fitness tracking features. The accuracy of the watch is what you can call average or decent. I have tried almost all the smartwatches in this range, so the accuracy on all of this is quite the same. There is nothing to complain about the accuracy of this smartwatch.

Noise ColorFit Ultra accuracy

As we said the accuracy is average, so some data might not be accurate, which is not the problem with only this smartwatch but all the smartwatches in this segment. However, I faced a problem with sleep tracking on this smartwatch. I tested this watch for two days, but it didn’t record sleep data. I don’t know if this problem is with this watch or a problem with all the watches.


Noise ColorFit Ultra is packed with a 300mAH battery. The company claims the smartwatch to offer 9 days of battery life, but with my two-day testing, I feel that the watch will give a battery life of three and a half-day if you enable all the features and options. However, if you disable all the battery-consuming options like continuous heart rate tracking and such, the battery life can be up to 5 days on this one. Battery life is another downside of the smartwatch.

The Verdict

Coming at a price tag of Rs. 4,499, the smartwatch is average. The features of this smartwatch do not justify the price point it comes at. There are few other options in this price range which I think are better than this one. I won’t call this smartwatch the best smartwatch under Rs.5000, but yes it will be on the third or fourth number of that list. If you are looking to buy the best smartwatch under 5000 in India, then we already have a list of that which we keep on updating. So you can have a look at that and you will find the best smartwatch for yourself in that price range. For more information please check Noise ColorFit Ultra Review on our Youtube Channel Geekman.

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Review Overview
Average 2.8
Design 3.7
Build 3.0
Display 3.3
Features 3.4
App Features 2.0
Battery 2.2
Accuracy 2
Value for Money 2.5
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