Boult AirBass FX1 Review

Boult AirBass FX1 Review, Sound Quality Is Not Bold!

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Indian market is filled with a lot of AirPods alternatives. While brands like Realme, OnePlus, and Xiaomi have launched their own pair of TWS earbuds but they aren’t accessible to all the buyers. Audio manufacturers like Boat, pTron, and Boult are trying super hard to make the TWS much accessible to millennials. We have seen various models from the aforementioned brands at various price points and most of them ended up impressing us. Do consider checking out our list of 5 Best TWS Earbuds Under 2000 Rs In India.

Recently, we’ve got our hands on the Boult AirBass FX1 and put it to Geekman’s Review Treatment and tested it extensively. How’s the audio quality? How’s the build quality of Boult AirBass FX1? Is it worth buying these TWS earbuds for Rs 1500? All these questions are answered in the review. So without any further discussion let us jump into the review, shall we?

What’s in the Box?

  • Boult AirBass FX1
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • 2 Auxillary Ear tips
Boult AirBass FX1 box content

Build and Design

Taking the device into the hand, one can quickly understand that it feels so lite. Talking about the charging case despite looking so much similar to Apple AirPods Pro, the FX1 features a clamshell design. We have a White unit with us. It is worth noting that AirBass FX1 is made available to purchase in two other colors including Black and Blue. Unlike most of the TWS earphones in the market, Boult has a habit of over-branding its products.

Boult AirBass FX1 Review

I mean, there is a logo with naming on the lid of the charging case. Open the lid and you will be greeted with three logos again. One on each of the stems of the earbuds and the tertiary on the bottom center of the case. The bottom is where you can find the Type-C port for charging. The lid closes tactile, courtesy of the magnets. We are definitely a fan of the compact design of FX1 as one can easily carry it in the jeans pockets and can fit in minor holders too. But the compact design and the weightless design results in less space for batteries. More on that later.

Boult AirBass FX1 Review

As for the earbuds, they feature a design similar to OPPO W31. With a curved in-ear design for better grip and comfort. During our testing, we had it on for 3-4 hours straight without an inconvenience, thanks to the lighter build.

Boult AirBass FX1 Review

Audio and Microphone Quality

Now, let me address the elephant of the room here – Audio Quality. The company did not reveal the exact specifics of the audio drivers of these earbuds, but from our testing, we think the Boult AirBass FX1 has 6mm drivers. It is not the best-sounding earphone in the price but totally gets the job done. The vocals and treble to aren’t overpowered at all. As the name of these earbuds itself suggests, the bass is up to the mark. Louder and deep bass shines, meaning, the mids and highs are not audible in a few titles.

Boult AirBass FX1 Review

We did not like the audio distributions at all. Unlike most of the budget offerings, the FX1’s incline much towards the bass. As mentioned earlier, the bass here is not head-breaking super thumping, it is just a noticeable bass. Music lovers who are into rock, hip-hop, EDM, and DJs would like the overall implementation. But, if you are into mids or vocal audio, you might end up not liking these.

With that said, let us talk about the microphone quality here. It is “okay”. Not too good, and not bad by any means. Indoor calls sound clear, but if you are running around the streets with traffic and wind flowing, as one could expect, it is bad. The person on the line might hear background noises more than yours.


Once fully charged, the earbuds are said to last up to 8 hours. That’s it. That is what the company said during the launch of these earbuds. Neither the specifications nor the battery capacity on earbuds or the case is not revealed by the company. In our testing, we managed to use the earbuds for up to 4 hours on a single charge and we got up to 15 hours of playback time. We are really impressed here. I mean, despite being so light and compact, we loved to see these numbers.

Boult AirBass FX1 Review

Final Words

To conclude all this, Boult AirBass FX1 is just average TWS earbuds. At a price of Rs 1500, we get a decent build, compact design, mediocre performance, and okay-ish battery life. But, do we recommend you get these earbuds? No, we do not, and we have various reasons for that. For starters, we do have a lot of better TWS offerings from various brands which perform much better than FX1. With that said, it is time for me to bid you adieu. Until next time, stay techy! For More info please check the full review on our Youtube Channel Geekman.

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