How to choose Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


A Full Guide To Choosing Right Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Nowadays, we are surrounded by computers whatever we may do. Be it work or play games, for everything we use computers. Therefore, it is essential to use the computer in a more comfortable way. Thus, a combo of wireless keyboard & mouse is one of the must-have accessories as they help you to use it as per your convenience. A keyboard or mouse is free of any wires, therefore, you don’t have to sit in front of your desk every time you use the computer. It also helps to keep your desk clean as they are connected to a system with Radio Frequencies (RF), Infrared (IR) or Bluetooth, not conventional wires.

There are many reasons to opt for a wireless over the wired. Although, we keep ignoring them, but they can become a difficult problem. While using the conventional keyboard and mouse you have to sit in a fixed position. This may result in back and chest pain even numbness in the arms. Similarly, while typing using a fixed keyboard you have to sit in front of the screen and too much brightness on a screen may affect one’s vision.

We can get rid of these problems with the help of wireless keyboard and mouse as you can even type from a fair distance from your monitor. They are also very portable as they are wire free from wires. Before spending your money randomly on wireless keyboard and mouse combo keep a few things in mind.


Comfort probably is the first to look at a wireless combo. Always go for the ergonomically designed keyboard and mouse. Ergonomic design offers better comfort and safety for long-term use. Go for the mouse that fits into your palm comfortably. Similarly, an ergonomic design keyboard helps to give your wrist a better posture.


The range is the distance between that the wireless keyboard and mouse can operate from the system. The more is range more is the distance that it can operate. Some of the wireless combos can operate from a distance up to 33 feet and can even operate beyond the walls. Thus, it gives you the flexibility to work as per convenience.

Size and Design:

The wireless keyboard and mouse come in various size and design select according to your need. If you have to carry the keyboard and mouse to anywhere more often than not, opt for small and sleek design. If you are a gamer or programmer then you can opt for a heavy one that includes extra buttons. The keyboards that have an adjustable height along with a slight tilt are easier to use and provides greater comfort.

Connectivity and compatibility:

The wireless keyboard mouse combo can be connected to a computer via Radio Frequencies (RF), Infrared (IR) or Bluetooth. They are connected with the help of a USB receiver. It should start working instantly upon connecting the USB receiver. They should also compatible with all the major operating system like Windows XP, 7, 8/10, Mac os.

Battery life:

Wireless keyboard and mouse are powered by batteries. Mostly the AA or AAA batteries are used in the keyboard and mouse combo. These batteries have a lifetime of six months to one year. Some of the wireless combos give a whopping 24 months battery life for the keyboard and one to one and half year for the mouse. Therefore, always look into the battery life of the combo. Alternatively, you can also opt for rechargeable batteries, if you are a heavy user like programmer or gamer.

Wireless keyboard and mouse have some major advantages over the conventional wired keyboard and mouse. These are the few things that you should look for going to select the best wireless keyboard & mouse combo for your needs.

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