Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company in India 2021 – 80% Cover, Doorstep Repair

Nobody wants their new mobile phone to be damaged. Phones do come with a warranty, but it is only limited to the software problems or the hardware problems which are not caused from the user end. However, if you are afraid of breaking your phone or losing it, then mobile phone insurance is there to cover it for you.

Many smartphone companies do provide mobile insurance when you buy a new phone, but not all, so if you are looking for the best mobile insurance in India, then you are at the right place. We compiled a list of some of the best phone insurance in India that you can go for, to cover damages done to your phone.

OneAssist Mobile Insurance

OneAssist Mobile Insurance

OneAssist is one of the best mobile phone Insurance that allows you to protect your smartphones against breakages, physical damages. You also get an extended warranty with OneAssist. It also provides Insurance against theft which is available for selected plans only.

OneAssist offers 100% cashless repair and also provides free doorstep pick-up and drop service for your smartphone. What else do you get with OneAssist Mobile Insurance? Well, it does provide you with a hassle-free claim experience. OneAssist offers 24×7 assistance to help users get their problems solved.

If you are looking for reliable mobile insurance to cover your phone damages, then you can try going for OneAssist mobile insurance.

Onsite Go

Onsite Go

The next mobile insurance on the list is Onsite Go. This insurance just like others is not limited to smartphones, but it also covers damages on digital cameras, AC, laptops, television, and various other electronic items.

One can purchase the protection plan from the company or Amazon. There are various plans of the insurance including- extended warranty, screen protection, and spills and drops protection.

The screen protection covers the repair for your screen till the insurance period. In case of spills and drop protection, the insurance company will cover for physical damage done to your phone or any liquid damage. If you want to buy this plan, then you will have to opt for it the very same day you buy the phone.

The extended warranty plan is the extended period for your warranty which will only cover software and hardware defects that are from the manufacturer end and not the user end.

Acko Phone Insurance

Acko Phone Insurance

Acko Mobile Insurance is another best mobile phone insurance that you can buy right now. You get the option to get insured with Acko when you buy the mobile on Amazon. You can only buy Acko mobile insurance for the new devices. The insurance is not available for refurbished devices or second-hand devices.

Acko mobile insurance covers liquid damages, accidental physical damage. Screen damage is also covered on Acko. Certain things are not covered in the insurance, including theft of the device, device loss, damages that are reported after seven days, any damages done to accessories, including SIM card and memory card.

Syska Gadget Secure Mobile Insurance

Syska Gadget Secure

Syska Gadget Secure is quite a reliable insurance that you can opt for. Along with insurance, it also provides features like blocking, device tracking, and antivirus protection.

You can only opt for insurance for new phones. The insurance will cover fire damage, theft, liquid damage. You will have to buy the Syska Gadget Secure insurance kit to get covered. You will have to buy and register it on the website, within 48 hours of your purchase of the new smartphone.

Airtel Secure Mobile Insurance

Airtel Secure Mobile Insurance

The last phone insurance we have on the list is Airtel Secure Mobile Insurance. You can buy the plan for any mobile you own, that is less than one year old from the date of invoice. You should note that the plan is only available for subscribers of airtel postpaid. The insurance will get void if you try to switch from postpaid to prepaid.

The insurance covers all the accidental damages and liquid damages to the smartphone. You can activate the insurance through the My Airtel app and it will be valid for a year.

These were some of the best mobile phone insurance in India that you can go for. However, insurance covers any damages done to your devices, but you should be more cautious about using your phone properly.

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