A Young Boy Died In Rajasthan Following The Explosion In His Bluetooth Earphones

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The news is from Rajasthan, where a young boy died because of explosion happened in his Bluetooth headphone while he was attending a call.

As per the information coming out from Times Now, the boy’s name was Rakesh Nagar, and he was a citizen of the Udaipuria Village location in the Chaumu area of Jaipur. The doctor’s report says that the boy died because of a cardiac arrest that happened just after the Bluetooth headphone exploded in his ears.

As per the reports, the boy was on a call with someone when the explosion happened in his Bluetooth earphones. And because of the impact of the explosion, the boy suddenly went into a state of unconsciousness. He was immediately taken to the nearby hospital by the locals, but unfortunately, the injuries were very severe and they resulted in his death.

Talking about the incident, Dr. LN Rundla state that, this is the first case in India where an explosion in a Bluetooth headset has resulted in someone’s death due to cardiac arrest. He continued, the young boy failed to tackle his severe injuries and died during the treatment in the hospital.

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