Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 Review

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 Review With Pros & Cons

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Review Overview

Realme launched the Watch SZ100, the company’s latest budget smartwatch in India this week. I have been using this smartwatch for the past few days as my daily driver and here is my detailed review of the Realme Techlife Watch SZ100 with comparison.

Realme Watch SZ100 Specs:

Display1.69 Inch Touch TFT, 240×280 Pixel, 530 nits, 218 PPI
Strap20mm, Removable
SupportAndroid 5.0+, iOS 11+
Battery260 mAH

Box Content

The Realme Techlife Watch SZ100 comes in a simple box with not much to flaunt. For more info, please watch the Realme SZ100 unboxing video on our Youtube channel Geekman.

  • Watch in Gray color, also available on blue color variant
  • User Manuals
  • Magnetic charging pin

Design, Build, And Comfort

Starting with the design, the Watch SZ100 looks the same as Realme Watch S100. The only change is the strap belt and color scheme. The strap belt of this new SZ100 watch is better than the original S100 watch, in terms of design, build and comfort. This new strap belt looks more sporty and stylish and it also offers a more comfortable experience. The new gray-black and blue color scheme also seem to be a good choice over the S100.

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 Review

The Realme Watch SZ100 has a square design that is similar to the previous Realme Watches. I like to add that bezels are very narrow so you have a decent screen area. The watch has a 1.69-inch rectangular display that’s curved at the corners. Yes, the chin is slightly thicker than the bezels around the rest of the display, but it doesn’t ruin the display area. The casing of the watch is plastic all around and has a matte finish that looks quite nice and feels sturdy.

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 design

The build quality of the smartwatch is good and definitely the best in this price segment. On the right side, there is a single button that can be used as a power button and back button. You can wake the screen with a lift-to-wake gesture or by pressing the button.

The bottom of the watch has sensors to detect continuous heart rate, SpO2, and body and skin temperature. Next to the sensor, there is a contact point for charging. Again, the detachable 20mm silicone band feels very skin-friendly and comfortable.

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 design

Overall, I used the Realme Watch SZ100 for the last one week as my daily smartwatch and I found that it is very comfortable to wear over long periods of time. The main reason behind the comfort is the weight, only 36g weight doesn’t force you to compromise your daily comfort. So, in the end, I don’t have any complaints about the design and comfort of this smartwatch.


The smartwatch comes with a 240×280 pixel 1.69-inch display panel with a brightness of 530 nits. Indeed, the display is considerably sharper and text, icons, and watch faces look sharp and detailed. The display panel is TFT and does not have a very high resolution and it can be felt when looked at closely but it is acceptable for its price.

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 display

Thanks to the high 530 nits peak brightness, outdoor visibility is decent. You have the option to adjust the brightness in a four-level setting and you can also set the screen on time for up to 20 seconds. The Watch SZ100 doesn’t have an ambient light sensor, and we even can’t expect it at this price point.

Let’s talk about the watch faces. It offers 100 plus different watch faces to choose from Realme Fit App. The good thing is that you also have the option to set up a custom watch face.

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 watch faces

Realme Fit App

The Watch uses the Realme Fit companion app on Android and iOS. This has a different UI compared to the Realme Link app. I really like the app user interface and performance. In my four days of testing, I didn’t find any data synchronization or any connectivity-related problem.

For this watch, you have to download its companion app ‘Realme Fit’ available on both Android and iOS. The App is very easy to and very well optimize. I can easily say that this is one of the best smartwatch apps on Android, after Mi Fit and Samsung Fit.

Realme Fit App

I adore the amount of detail you get in the Realme Fir app with the status page giving you a fair idea about your daily activity for the day including the number of steps, calories, sleep tracking, and heart rate graph.

The app also has a workout tab that allows you to track your running, walking, or cycling using the phone’s GPS. The setting tab helps you with the battery percentage and the settings of your Realme watch.


The Realme Watch SZ100 support Bluetooth 5.1 and it compatible with Android and iOS both platform. Starting with Watch UI interface, it is quite similar to the previous Realme smartwatches. The interface is very clean and easy to use. The animation is very minimum so there is no any lag or shutter while swiping the info panel. The icon and panel look very decent in terms of design, so I am sure you will not easy be bored with the interface.

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 Ui

The wipes in each direction from the home panel bring up different menus. An upward swipe brings up the list of app and message notifications. It also supports all major social apps and some other popular apps as well. You also get an incoming call alert on your watch screen with the reject option.

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 Ui

A left swipe brings in quick settings while swiping right continuously shows tiles for daily activity, heart rate, weather, temperature, music control, and more. Apart from this, you can access all other options using the bottom swipe where you find the 20 plus different sports modes, sleep tracking, SPo2 tracking, alarm, stopwatch, flashlight, camera control, and some other watch settings.


Coming to accuracy, I am happy with Realme Watch SZ100 performance, better than other competitors in this price segment. The SZ100 watch counted 1500 steps when I manually counted 1400, showing an error margin of around 5%. This isn’t too bad, it quite acceptable for the budget smartwatches.

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 test

The skin and body temperature measurements also work very decently and are quite close to the standard temperature gun. The continues Heart rate and SpO2 measurement are also decent, occasionally showing oddly high readings, but this usually fixed itself in a few seconds. The sleep tracking is fairly accurate as well.

Realme TechLife Watch SZ100 performance


The next most intriguing aspect of the SZ100 is its battery life. It’s comes with 260mAh battery which, as per brand’s claims, lasts for up to 12 days. However, that is the case when you use the most minimal watch face, turn off frequent heart rate tracking and other high battery consumtions options.

I’ve, on the other hand, been nearly stressing the Realme Techlife Watch SZ100 and the battery has solidly endured up to four days. This is after setting the heart rate, SPo2, and temperature tracking frequency to 5 minutes. If you reduce the tracking frequency, then you can easily get up to 7 days of battery life. So, the battery life is pretty good and more than enough for daily user.

Should you buy Realme Techlife Watch SZ100?

Overall, the Realme Watch SZ100 is a decent budget smartwatch at a price of Rs.2499. It has a large color display with a lot of watch faces and comes with temperature tracking, continuous heart rate, and SPo2 tracking. The watch is also decently built, look stylish, and offers good comfort.

Apart from this, the main selling point is the Realme Fit app. The app is very optimize and bugs-free. So, if you looking for a decent smartwatch under 3000 Rs budget, then you can definitely buy the Realme Techlife Watch SZ100, at least for now.

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