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Are you stuck with ‘ How to ‘ in your mind, Yes, then you landed at the right place? Here you find detailed, step by step and clear How To guides on the laptop, mobile, software, apps, web, and many more tools.

How To Create And Use an Instagram Avatar (2024)

Meta has recently released their all-new feature, the Instagram Avatar, which is basically a digital…

Prateek20/04/202436.9k Views

How to limit Google Chrome memory usage and free up RAM (2024)

Limit Google Chrome memory usage: Google Chrome is the best and most powerful browser, and…

Tarun Tej20/04/20248.9k Views

How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps on Mobile (Android & IOS) and Desktop

Google Maps must be one of the most useful apps on your smartphone. It is…

Geekman20/04/20247.7k Views

How to Find Nearest Grocery Store with timing and location

We all know how digital maps have revolutionized navigation. Thanks to them, we can become…

Geekman20/04/20243.7k Views

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