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Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 Review

Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 ANTI headphones Review, Pros & Cons, and User ratings

Skullcandy s5lhz-j576 anti Stereo Headphones Review The Skullcandy S5lHZ-J576 ANTI are budget-friendly headphones with a fancy and lightweight design, Price at Rs.1000. Read this full article to know if it is worth buying this wired headphones. Skullcandy...
New Mi Earphones Basic Review

New Mi Earphones Basic Review (2018), Best Earphones for Rs.399

Xiaomi’s New Mi Earphones Basic Review Today we are going to review new Mi earphones Basic, which recently launched in India with a price tag of just Rs 399. Right now it's available only on...
JioFi JMR815 Review

JioFi JMR815 Review (JioFi 6), How to connect?, Best Portable WiFi Router

Full Review of JioFi JMR815 4G Wifi Router A few days back, Reliance Jio silently launched JioFi JMR815 in Indian market just to replace its predecessor with an improved battery and new processor. So here is the full...
Mi Pocket Speaker 2 Review

Mi Pocket Speaker 2 Review and Pro & Cons, Read Before Buying

Full Review Of Mi Pocket Speaker 2 Xiaomi Recently launched its latest portable Bluetooth speaker ' Mi Pocket Speaker 2 ' in India with price tag Rs.1499. Speaking of which, today I will be reviewing this...
Philips QT3310/15 Trimmer Review

Philips QT3310/15 Trimmer Review, Unboxing, and Pros & Cons

Philips QT3310/15 Full review Hello friends, I’m the Geekman, and welcome to this article!. In this article, you will find the full review of Philips QT3310/15 trimmer. The Philips QT3310 is exclusively available On Flipkart. If you...
Sennheiser CX 180 Full review

Sennheiser CX 180 Full Review, Unboxing | Best Earphones?

Sennheiser CX 180 street ii In-Ear headphones full Review Hello My friends, if you ever searched best earphones under 1000 Rs, then you know Sennheiser CX 180 street ii. Because these earphones are very popular in...
Mi Earphones Review 2018

New Mi Earphones Review (2018 model), Best earphones under 1000 Rs?

Xiaomi's new Mi Earphones Review Hey, What’s up guys, welcome to this post. Today in this post I am going to review new Mi Earphones 2018. These earphones are recently launched in India with a...
20000 mAH Mi Power bank 2i

20000 mAH Mi Power bank 2i Review, Best power bank under 2000 Rs.

Full Review of Mi Power bank 2i 20000 mAH The Xiaomi recently launched its new made in India 20000 mAH Mi power bank 2i for Rs.1499. You can choose the 10,000 mAh capacity or the 20,000...
Philips BT1212 review

Philips BT1212/15 Trimmer Review & Unboxing, and Pros & Cons

Philips BT1212/15 Trimmer full review Philips BT1212/15 Trimmer Unboxing The packaging of this trimmer is very decent and small compared to other Philips trimmer. We get a user manual, Cleaning brush, USB charging cord, and three different...
Panasonic ER207WK44B Trimmer Review

Panasonic ER207WK44B Trimmer Review, Unboxing, Pros & Cons

Panasonic ER207WK44B Full Review Currently, The Panasonic ER207WK44B is the best selling Panasonic trimmer online. In this review, we will discuss important features of the Panasonic ER207WK44B trimmer, how to use the trimmer, pros, and cons of the Panasonic...

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