Prateek is a technical writer-turned journalist with experience in tech and web development. He's drawn to niche technologies such as AI and blockchain. Outside of writing, Prateek is passionate about gaming and App building.
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Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000 In India (September 2023)

Ask a gamer how much improvement a good gaming mouse can make

Prateek Prateek 13 Min Read

Best Smartwatches Under 2000 In India (September 2023)

Smartwatches have evolved to a state where they can even replace your

Prateek Prateek 7 Min Read

Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 Rs In India (September 2023)

Buying the best gaming mouse can mean the difference between loss and

Prateek Prateek 16 Min Read

Best Trimmers under 1500 In India (September 2023)

Hello friends, Are you searching for the best trimmer? Then you come

Prateek Prateek 4 Min Read

Best Action Cameras In India (September 2023)

Action camera, a name that has made quite an impression in the

Prateek Prateek 10 Min Read

Best Headphones Under 5000 In India (September 2023), Wired, Bluetooth

So, you are a music lover who has spent a long time

Prateek Prateek 9 Min Read

Best Sports And Action Cameras Under 10000 In India (September 2023)

Action cameras are some of my favorite gadgets because they allow you

Prateek Prateek 6 Min Read

Best External SSDs in India (September 2023), 500GB, 1TB, 2TB

SSDs are everywhere nowadays, and one who has truly experienced the power

Prateek Prateek 7 Min Read

Best WiFi 6 routers In India (September 2023) – Gaming, Home, Office

The need for a fast internet connection is gradually rising, and it

Prateek Prateek 11 Min Read

How To Disable Youtube Shorts Permanently (Updated 2023)

Disable Youtube Shorts In Youtube App: YouTube Shorts is one of the

Prateek Prateek 3 Min Read