Google Allo rolled out an update: incognito mode, chat backup and more

Google Allo update

Google recently rolled out an update for Allo App with new features. This new update included incognito mode for groups, chat backup and link previews.

The new incognito mode feature allows users to group chats and all messages are end-to-end encrypted. Incoming message notifications will not be displayed on the lock screen.

Google says, new update offers more control on message privacy as you can now set the time limit for how long a message will remain on your smartphone and your contacts’ phones.

For Android user, Google add link previews so now you can see a preview of the site before opening it.

The final and much-requested feature Chat backup, A user can now backup chats after switching devices, wiping data on their phone, or moving to a new device. Chats and media can be backed up to Google Drive, and restored on new devices. currently, this feature is only available on Android.

Download Google Allo for Android and iOS

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