Beware WhatsApp Users: fake adware URL Offer new color theme

WhatsApp fake adware URL

If you receive text messages from your friends Which claim to offer new WhatsApp color theme. Please ignore because it is an adware. This link could potentially harm your phone as it has been identified as an adware circulating across the world. The web link takes user to ‘шһатѕарр.com’ instead of the official WhatsApp website.

The issue was first spotted by Reddit user “yuexist” who shared screenshots and details about adware. Once you visit the link , you’re asked to share the website with your other Friends and contacts in the list for ‘verification’. Upon this, the contact you share the link with receives a message that says, ‘I love the new color for WhatsApp’ and asks them to follow the link to do the same. Once your done sharing you are made to install adware apps after you have installed the adware the website says the whatsapp color is available only in whatsapp web and makes you install an extension.



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