Best Air coolers under 10000 Rs for this Summer (June 2017)


Here you find 10 best Air coolers for this summer

Hello, friends, Last week I receive a lot of emails regarding air cooler suggestion, that’s why I write this list about best air coolers under 1000 Rs. If you have any questions, please comment on Post. I select these Value for money air coolers according to its specification, Price, Build quality, Performance, and user review. I also try and check some of these air coolers at Croma and vijay sales store.

Reasons to Buy an Air Cooler

  • The air cooler is cheaper and low cost effective than AC and it doesn’t need timely maintenance and servicing, unlike AC.
  • The best things about air cooler are portability and it doesn’t generate CFCs and other harmful gasses into the environment.
  • It also consumes less power, so don’t worry about the light bill.

1Symphony Touch 35

Lowest Price Options

The Symphony Touch 35  is my first choice on the list of best air coolers under 10000 Rs because of cooling capacity and advanced features. This air cooler is recently launched by symphony with some advanced features and filters. When coming to main features, it comes with Digital touchscreen controller, Remote controller, empty tank alarm, horizontal and vertical swim, Sleep Mode, and Off Timer. The Symphony Touch 35 has a capacity of cooling a room-sized 14 x 14 ft with air throw range of 25 feet. It also comes with Voice assistant for your convenience. More info please check our features tab.

  • Good design and easy to clean
  • Cooling capacity 14 x 14 ft with air throw range of 25 feet
  • 35 Ltr capacity with Empty tank alarm and automatic water pump off
  • Humidity Control, Auto louver movement, Cool flow dispenser, Natural Mode, Sleep Mode, Off Timer, Fully closeable louver, Removable tank, Voice Assist, Removable cooling pads.
  • Dust Filter, Smell Filter, Bacterial Filter, Allergy Filter, UVC Germicidal, PM2.5 Wash Filter
  • Advanced Voice assistant
  • Digital touchscreen controller with remote controller
  • 1 Year warranty

2Symphony Hicool i 31

Lowest Price Options

The Symphony Hicool i 31 is my second recommendation for best air coolers under 10000 Rs. If you are looking for Good looking, compact and powerful air cooler, then this one is perfect for you. This cooler easily cools your 200 sq. Feet room within 5 minutes, so it ideal for your bedroom. It comes with 31-liter water tank capacity with air throw distance up to 37 feet. Symphony Hicool i 31 also comes with Auto swing, humidity controller, remote control, system restore function, empty water tank alarm, and timer.

  • Stylish and compact
  • Ideal for 200 sq. Feet room with 36 feet air throw distance
  • Humidity Control, Dura-pump technology, Empty tank alarm, Sleep Mode, Off Timer, Inbuilt remote dock, Cool flow dispenser, System restore function, Auto swing
  • Dust Filter, Mosquito net
  • Consumes only 185 watts and also run with an inverter.
  • 1 Year warranty

3Bajaj Icon DC2015

Lowest Price Options

The Bajaj Icon DC2015 is third choice in the list of best air coolers under 10000 Rs. If you searching cooler for your large living room, then you need this. It has a large 43 liters water tank with 40 feet air throw distance. This bajaj air cooler is easly cool your +400 square feet room. I higly recommend this cooler for big family. More info please check our features tab.

  • Powerfull fan with 40 feet air throw
  • Good build quality
  • Three different speed levels
  • Humidifier, Empty Tank Alarm, Water Level Indicator, Overflow Indicator, Ice Chamber
  • ideal for +400 square feet room
  • Large 43 liters water tank

4Symphony Diet 12 and 22 Litre

Lowest Price Options

The Symphony Diet air coolers are higly popular Indian market because of Compact desing, portability and decent performance. It available in three range 22 Ltr, 50 Ltr, 12 Ltr, choose a right cooler according to your requirement but we suggests 12 and 22 ltr. If you looking cooler for small room and personal use, then you like it. All of this coolers comes with mosquito net, dust filter, water indicator and 3 speed control. The Symphony Diet 22 has the capacity of cooling a room-sized 190 sq.ft and Diet 12 has 130 sq.ft.

  • Stylish and compact design
  • Powerful boilar fan
  • mosquito net, dust filter, water indicator
  • 3 speed control
  • Equal mixing of water and air
  • 1 Year warranty

5Maharaja Whiteline Coolz+

Lowest Price Options

The Maharaja Whiteline Coolz+ is fifth best air coolers under 10000 Rs. This cooler comes with large 55 Litre water tank and 40cm powerful fan for desert cooling. It can easily cool your 1000 sqft room with 20ft air throw distance. More info please check our features tab.

  • 3 Speed controler
  • 55 Litre water tank and 40cm powerful fan
  • Ideal foe 1000 sqft
  • 20ft airthrow
  • Power consumption 165w
  • Cooling Media WoodWool

6Cello Dura Cool Plus

Lowest Price Options

The Cello Dura Cool Plus looks very stylish and compact. Design of this cooler also help corner to corner air throw. The Cello dura cool has the capacity of cooling a room-sized +170 sq ft with 35ft air throw distance. It also come with Remote control, Empty tank alarm, Timer, Humidity Control, Ice Chamber, and various filters.

  • Stylish and compact
  • Ideal for +170 sq ft with 35ft air throw distance
  • Remote control, Empty tank alarm, Timer, Humidity Control, Ice Chamber
  • Mosquito Net, Dust Filter Net
  • Turbo Cooling
  • 1-year warranty

7Symphony Jumbo Jr

Lowest Price Options

The Symphony Jumbo Jr is the best value for money desert cooler under 10000 Rs. If you need a desert cooler for large room and hall with huge water tank than this one is perfect for you. It has a 22 ltr water tank capacity with 4ft hight.  The cooling capacity of this cooler is up to 300 sq.ft with a 40ft air throw. It also comes with 3-speed control, Auto louver movement, Cool flow dispenser, Dust filter, Mosquito net, and trolley.

  • Cooling capacity up to 300 sq.ft with 40ft air throw
  • Quick cooling feature
  • 22 ltr water tank capacity
  • 3-speed control, Auto louver movement, Cool flow dispenser,  Dust filter, Mosquito net, and trolley
  • 1 year

8Symphony Touch 20

Lowest Price Options

The Symphony touch 2o is my next choice in the list of best air coolers under 10000 Rs. On the design front, it looks same as Touch 35 but this cooler does not come with remote control, Digital touchscreen, and a Voice assistant. Its ideal for your personal room up to 150 sq.ft with 25ft air throw distance. More info please check our features tab

  • 2o ltr water tank capacity
  • Quick and Powerful cooling
  • Ideal for 150 sq.ft room with 25ft air throw distance
  • Dust filter,  Mosquito repellent
  • Removable water tank honeycomb pads for easy cleaning
  • Water Level Indicator, Honeycomb Cooling Pads, Cool flow dispenser, I-Pure technology
  • 1 Year

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