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My love for technology brought me to the world of writing. So, Now I'm a freelance writer at Geek Man. When I'm not writing, urban sketching and college assignments keep me occupied.
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Best cloud gaming apps for Android and IOS in 2023 (free/paid)

The video game industry has witnessed significant evolution with cloud gaming. Recently,

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All Indian Anime characters (Inspired by India’s Culture/Origin)

Japan and India share numerous cultural similarities dating back to ancient times.

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20 Best Chinese Anime to Watch Right Now (Updated 2023)

Japan may have been the birthplace of anime, but that doesn't mean

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Top 10 Strongest Characters in Eleceed (Updated 2023)

In recent years, webtoons have gained popularity as visual novels, similar to

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Best Music Player Apps For Android in 2023 (online/offline)

Uninterrupted music sessions are essential, so music player apps are necessary for

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13 Best Simulator Games For Android and iOS (2023)

Simulation games stand tall among the most beloved genres in mobile gaming.

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Top 5 Best UPI Apps in India (Updated 2023)

UPI payments have been a game-changer in India's digital revolution. You surely

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Types of Anime: All the Genres Explained with Examples

Anime isn't a genre itself, but it's made up of different settings

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Top 5 Truecaller Alternatives You Can Use on Android and iOS (2023)

True Caller is the leading caller identification service that most people use.

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Best Gaming Headphones In India (Wired/Wireless) September 2023

Every gamer knows that the game's sound is just as important as

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