7 new features you will get in Android O update

Android O update


Picture-in-Picture mode

Android O update

Most waited feature ‘Picture-in-Picture mode’ coming in next android O update. This feature enables a level of multitasking that we dreamed last night. It allows users to perform two tasks simultaneously on a phone or a tablet. You can Take photo, Editing photo, and video calls on a different app in the background at the same time with this new feature.

Notification badge

Android O update

Google introduce new notification badge in android O update. The Notification Dots appear on apps icon when they have notifications active in the notification shade. The dot takes on the color of each icon, and you need long-press on the app icon, then pops up a preview of the notification that you can act on. Additionally, the dot goes away when the notification is cleared in the shade.

Battery Boost


Google promise to boost the battery life on smartphones by imposing new limits on the background activities in Android apps. Google Android O will be the first release of the OS to place limits on background app functions.This is expected to increase battery life and free up more RAM in a device.

Smart text selection and Autofill

android o update

Android O comes with google advanced machine learning techniques, it will bring the ability to select texts, recognize it as an address, email ID or a contact number, and will show related options. Users can long tap on a text inside the address and the OS will automatically select the complete address.

System Optimizations

Google has made changes in its runtime app including new optimizations such as concurrent compacting garbage collection, code locality and much more. Google O update make apps run faster and smoother compared to the previous android OS.

Google Chrome Autofill

Chrome’s autofill feature coming in Android O update, this feature make it easy to set up a new device and synchronize passwords. However, not all apps will be supported with this feature initially.

New home screen for Android

Google also introduce new Android TV home screen experience for Android O at the IO event. The revamped Android TV home screen will be arriving later this year along with the Android O. The new android TV home screen will make it easy to find, preview, and watch content provided by apps.



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